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Disciples of Christ

The confluence of great rivers seems to impress people with a migratory disposition. The inclination is to move on. In addition to this, the southern extremity of the State has been subjected to the dangers and vicissitudes of great floods. Besides, those who laid out and lotted the town were actuated mainly by a selfish, mercenary spirit. The influences have combined to keep most of its denizens in a state of continual flux. So Disciples have come to Cairo and gone away through the decades.

Cairo First

Organized 1866, by G. G. Mullins; present membership, 157; value of property, $20,000; Bible school began 1866; present enrollment, 93.

Mr. Mullins was a chaplain in the Federal Army. The Disciples in Cairo had occasional meetings before the Civil War. At the date of organization, so far as can be learned, the following were the charter members: Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Hay, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Prussia Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. McCauly, Mr. and Mrs. Trambo, J. C. Talbot, Robert Condiff, Mrs. Mary E. Clark, Mrs. White, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Gilkey, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Seely, Mr. and Mrs. Layton, Miss Gilkey, Miss Smith and Mrs. Wilson. S. R. Hay and A. B. Fenton were chosen as elders and J. C. Talbot and Robert Condiff, deacons.

Meetings for public worship were held in the courthouse until the county clerk turned them out. The erection of a building on Eighteenth Street, between Washington and Walnut, was then begun. Lack of funds delayed its completion for two years, but occasional meetings were held meanwhile therein, seated with planks held on boxes and blocks. In 1867 a successful union Sunday school was held in the courthouse until the county clerk turned it into the street. This houseless school hastened the finishing of the chapel on Eighteenth Street. It was completed in 1868. In 1894 this chapel was moved to the corner of Sixteenth and Poplar Streets. These lots were filled up by the ladies' aid society. The building was repaired in 1901. During its entire life the school has had struggles, occasional successes with frequent failures and not a few discouragements. Always there has been "a remnant according to the election of grace." S. R. Hay, A. B. Fenton, G. M. Alden and J. C. Talbot deserve to be held in grateful remembrance for their sacrifices and faithfulness.

More than forty ministers have served the church. Some of the earlier were Peter Vogel, T. W. Caskey, B. F. Manire, J. C. Mason, David Walk, Alfred Flower and Clark Braden, whose term was particularly helpful. The present building was erected during the pastorate of Frank Thompson. Alden R. Wallace is now the pastor.

Cairo Second

Organized 1908; present membership, 51; value of property, $300; Bible school enrollment, 82.

In June, 1908, forty-four members of the First Church signed a paper in which they expressed the belief that the time had come to establish a church of Christ north of Twenty-eighth Street, and therebv agreed to unite in this aim. Officers were elected. The meetings for public worship have been held in a public hall and a store building. The preaching has been done mainly by transient preachers. Floods from the great rivers have very seriously handicapped the work of the churches here.

Extracted 03 Feb 2019 by Norma Hass from History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois 1819-1914, by Nathaniel S. Haynes, published in 1915, pages 109-110.

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