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2020 Feb 24

I'm trying to find the burial place for my ancestor, William Baskin. It is said that during the Civil War, when he was an old man, he and his wife were forced to flee their home in Arkansas, and they died near Cairo, Illinois, and were buried there. Cause of death is not clear. They "died within four hours of each other." Some have told me they were killed by bushwhackers, some that they died from disease. Nobody seems to know for sure. information collected from the internet -

William Calhoun Baskin
Born 22 FEB 1782 in Lowndesville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA
Died 2 NOV 1865 in Cairo, Alexander, Illinois, USA

"During the Civil War, William [Baskin], [his wife] Rebecca, and a number of families, traveled North because of the hard and dangerous times in Johnson Co [Johnson County, Arkansas]. Bushwackers were robbing, torturing and murdering and taking anything of value. Thomas and Rebecca died within four hours of each other on the return trip down the river. They were taken off the ship and and buried in Cairo, IL."

"William Baskin and his wife Rebecca came from South Carolina to Tennessee and on to Arkansas in 1839. During the Civil War (1861-1865), bushwackers made it unsafe for older people to travel. A party of 20 or more including William and Rebecca made their way to the Mississippi River and started North by boat. They died within 4 hours of each other and were buried at Cairo, Illinois."

Brian Cotner, M.D.

2019 Oct 23

I am looking to find if there is a Beech River Cemetery near Mounds, Pulaski County, IL? Any information will be appreciated. At this cemetery may be the graves of Dr. Samuel B. Cary, d. 1927, and his wife, Sallie Ingabo (Bird) Cary, d. 1921. They were longtome residents of Cairo, Illinois. Anonymous

Reply 2019 Oct 24 - The names of the two cemeteries are Beech Grove and Beechwood. They are both at Mounds; and one is on one side of the road, and one is on the other side of the road. Deborah Cox

Reply 2019 Oct 28 - They are buried at Beechwood Cemetery, according to 'Where They Sleep,'; vol. 4, p149.

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