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Obituary - Bryan Shannessy

Cairo Evening Sun - 6 November 1878

Dead Bryan Shannessy, Esq., aged 73 years, died at his residence in this city yesterday morning. He was one of our oldest and most honored inhabitants. The editor of the Bulletin, who has known him 30 years, says: " 'Squire Shannessy had been a resident of the State of Illinois for a period of over forty-two years, over forty years of which time he lived in Cairo. Hence, at the time of his death he was indeed and in verity, "the oldest inhabitant." During that long period of time he had served the people in different capacities, having filled the offices of justice of the peace, county commissioner, overseer of the poor, alderman, postmaster and police magistrate; and if in any man lives who can say that in an official capacity 'Squire Shannessy wronged him out of one dollar or one cent, we have no personal knowledge of that man and never heard of him. Few citizens of Cairo are more widely known that 'Squire Shannessy, most especially among the old residents of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri and Western Kentucky. Everywhere in those sections of the country the intelligence of his death will be received with evidences of sorrow, for wherever you find an acquaintance of the old man you will be very apt to find a friend." The funeral services were held at the residence of to-day and the remains taken to Villa Ridge for burial on a special train at 2 1/2 o'clock this afternoon.

Contributed by Vicky Parrin

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