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Obituary - John Hamilton

Cairo Daily Bulletin - 24 August 1869

The detail of the accident by which Mr. John Hamilton came so near losing his life, about a month ago are familiar to all our local residents. The recovery of Mr. H. was slow and being restless in confinement, ventured out before his condition warranted it. He was out in the city yesterday and attempted to return home during the extreme heat of the afternoon. He had gained a point on Fourteenth street between the Commercial avenue and Poplar street, when he fell utterly exhausted and rolling down the decline of the street ill ( ? ), was picked up in a state of insensibility and conveyed to his home. This morning he was still alive, but he breathed with great difficulty and gave out every evidence of approaching dissolution. By the time this paper falls into the hands of its local readers he will no doubt have entered on the realities of another world. The crushing assurance that his case was beyond all medical aid, was conveyed to his wife this morning. She had watched by his bedside every moment of the night and was, therefore scarcely unprepared for the mournful truth. In her great grief she has the warmest sympathies of the entire community. Mr. Hamilton has resided in Cairo many years, has shown himself a good citizen, and a kind husband and his loss will be long and deeply felt.

Cairo Daily Bulletin - 24 August 1869

Funeral of John Hamilton - At 3 o'clock to-day the members of the Arab and Rough and Ready Fire Companies, with a large number of citizens, assembled in the Church of the Redeemer, where the Rev. J. W. Coe pronounced a funeral sermon over the body of John Hamilton. At 4 o'clock a train consisting of two passenger coaches and a box car left the foot of sixth street, crowded to excess with citizens and firemen, for the Mounds City burying ground, where the remains were interred. The high esteem in which the deceased was held was manifested by the large number who attended the funeral services and participated in the last --- rites of burial. Mr. H. was a member of the Arab Fire Company.

Contributor's Notes:

1) John Hamilton was the husband of Catherine (nee Shannessy) Hamilton.

2) John Hamilton was buried in Mounds not Mounds City at the Beech Grove Cemetery.

3) The articles on his death and funeral were very hard to read as ink had bleed through from the front pages and there were some black areas the could not be read. The 3 dashes are for a 3-letter word that I can not make out.

4) The Church of the Redeemer was an Episcopal Church in Cairo.

Contributed by Vicky Parrin

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