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Obituary - Peter Cuhl

The Cairo Citizen
Thursday, 30 Jan 1890

Peter Cuhl Dead.

We neglected last week to chronicle the death of Mr. Peter Cuhl, a former Cairoite. Word came to Mr. H. Block, of this city, that he died on the 31st of December and was buried January 6th last, at Flenburg, Germany. Peter Cuhl was born on the 5th of September, 1834, and was therefore fifty-six years of age at his death. He came to Cairo in 1864, and for two years kept a small stand in the public market at the end of which time he had saved enough money to embark in the commission business. At this he amassed considerable of a fortune. He left Cairo in 1878. Of late years he has suffered from mental trouble. The only surviving relatives are his wife[*] and a brother, Mr. Ed Cuhl, who lives at Dongola, Ill. Mr. Cuhl leaves several valuable pieces of property in Cairo to his wife, among which is the brick building on the Ohio levee occupied by Mr. J. Pink & Co. and the fine residence property at the corner of 23d and Holbrook Ave.

[*Peter Cuhl married Anna Stickholm (Steckhahn)]

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