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1916-1950 Deaths

The lists displayed at the links below were extracted from the Illinois Archives website. The Illinois Archives database provides listings of death certificates filed with the Illinois Department of Public Health between 1916 and 1950. If you are interested in an ancestor listed, please visit the Illinois State Archives website for more information and/or for instructions to obtain a copy of a death certificate. [Gender/Race of "N/S" means "Not Stated."]

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Individual deaths

Mattie Mack

Date of Birth: about 1868
Date of Death: 1929 Feb 07
Age at Time of Death: 61 years
Father’s Name: Peater Suit
Mother’s Maiden Name: Jonnie Suit D.N.
Cause of Death: Pulmunary Tuberculosis

Martin S. Norris

Date of Birth: about 1857
Date of Death: 1912 Sep 15
Age at Time of Death: about 55 years

Sarah R. Ryal

Date of Birth: 1854 Mar 02
Date of Death: 1929 Feb 08
Father’s Name: William Cross
Mother’s Maiden Name: Elizabeth Brown
Cause of Death: Hypostatic Pneumonia

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