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1938 Cairo View Book

This is the 1938 view book of the city of Cairo that was prepared for the dedication of the Ohio River Bridge. It is loaded with wonderful photos of every aspect of public life in Cairo. Photos of a lot of the homes at this time are included as well.

[Photo of] "The Hewer"
Erected in memory of William Parker Halliday

Commemorating the opening of the Ohio River Bridge – November 11, 1938

A History About Cairo
[Portrait of Mayor August Bode]

The historic meeting place of "Father Mississippi" and "La Belle Ohio" has been, since the days of Joliet and Marquette, a stopping point for exploreres and settlers. On the oldest maps known it is marked "Ancient Fort."

The first settlement here was made in 1818 and the place was called Cairo. In 1836 the Illinois Central Railroad came here giving the struggling little place new life, and in 1853, the city, as it is now laid out, began its corporate existence.

Since the time of the explorers and in these later days, Cairo has been visited by many notables. Andrew Jackson, Charles Dickens, Zachery Taylor, William M. Thackeray, Grant, Jefferson Davis, Garfield, John A. Logan, William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt and Taft have been entertained here. Warships, gunboats and torpedo boat destroyers have all anchored in deep water at Cairo.

During the Civil War Cairo was a strategic point for campaigns in the south. Much of its picturesque history is concerned with those days. Since that day many Cairo citizens have been honored in the history of this country.

Cairo is distinguished for its atmosphere of good homes, fine trees, historic places, public buildings, parks, and above all for its friendliness, courtesy and hospitality.

Within thes pages you may see what Cairo is in a business, commercial, social, and religious way. Here is pictured the Cairo of today with its great bridges, its river terminals, its opportunities, its diversified assets, its many and varied attractions are set before you.

All who come this way are invited to stop, view and enjoy this city at a point which ever furnishes a real thrill to every traveler.

Page 4
Looking north on Commerical Avenue from 6th Street
Looking North on Washington Avenue from 8th Street
Historical Halliday Hotel

Page 5
Cairo High School
Cairo High School Band
Junior High

Page 6
First Bank & Trust Co. - 8th and Washington
Interior of First Bank & Trust Co.

Page 7
Watson's Confectionery, 8th Street
Cade the Florist, 8th Street

Page 8
Karcher Shoe Store, 8th Street
The Keller Coffee Shop, 8th Street

Page 9
The Kiwanis Club
The Rotary Club
Junior Association of Commerce

Page 10
The Security National Bank, 8th & Commercial
Interior of Security National Bank

Page 11
Karcher Brothers new Funeral Home, established 1858
Hotel Cairo, 1 mile from Kentucky and Missouri Bridges

Page 12
Rodgers Theatre
Lobby of Rodgers Theatre and picture machines

Page 13
Interior of Rodgers Theatre from front and rear

Page 14
The Maxine Shoppe, 8th Street
Interior of Cairo Water Company Office showing employees

Page 15
Business and Professional Womens Club
St. Teresa Circle No. 331 Daughters of Isabella
Junior Women's Club

Page 16
Airplane view of Cairo showing I. C. Rail Bridge
National Cemetery erected as a monument to old soldiers, 5600 buried here.
View looking north on Washington Avenue from 22nd Street.

Page 17
Modern Optometric Equipment of Drs. Williams and Williams, 237 8th Street
Neil's Cut Rate Drug Store, 8th Street

Page 18
Lee J. May Clothing Store, 8th & Commercial Ave.
Fair Furniture Co., 907-909 Commercial Avenue

Page 19
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. established in 1906 by W. E. McCarty
Interior view showing new machinery installed in 1938 at cost of $50,000

Page 20
Woodward Hardware Co., established 1861
Employees of Woodward Hardware Co., Mr. G. W. Kirkbride, President

Page 21
McKesson & Robbins, Inc., Schuh Division, established 1863
Interior of McKesson & Robbins, Inc., Schuh Division, office and display room

Page 22
Cairo Paint & Glass Co., 8th & Commercial Ave.
Interior of Cairo Paint & Glass Co.

Page 23
E. J. Walder Clothing Store
Interior of E. J. Walder Clothing Store

Page 24
Cairo Public Library and staff
Edgewood Park looking west from Washington Ave.
Cairo Swimming Pool

Page 25
Third Battalion 130th Infantry, Illinois National Guard commanded by Major Harry L. Bolen
Scene in Mounds, Illinois, on Highway No. 51 looking North
Airplane View of Mound City, Ill., showing Route 37

Page 26
Piggly Wiggly Super Food Market, 20th & Washington Ave.
Interior Piggly Wiggly Super Food Market

Page 27
Midwest Dairy Products Co., Cairo Plant, 4th & Commercial Ave.
Cairo Laundry Company, 34th & Commercial Ave.

Page 28
Berbling Tire Company, 14th & Washington Ave.
Home and personnel of Berbling Funeral Service

Page 29 - Missing

Page 30 - Missing

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Page 32 - Missing

Page 33
Bryant's Drug Store, 8th & Washington Ave.
Office of Chas. H. Albers, State Receiver: E. L. Dupuy in charge

Page 34
Elias Produce Company, 15th & Washington Ave.
Valley Lumber Co., 220 10th Street

Page 35
American Legion and Boy Scout Troop No. 3
Cairo Girl Scouts
Cairo Boy Scouts

Page 36
"Norman R" Tug Boat of Halliday Sand Co.
McFarland Lumber Co. and Swift Cotton Seed Oil Co. in background

Page 37
Cairo Lumber Company
Sackberger and Benson Shell Service Station, 33rd & Sycamore

Page 38
Interior of Uptown Theatre
Vehicle Supply Company

Page 39
Lewis Bros., 34th & Sycamore
Interior Lewis Bros.

Page 40
Cairo Board of Trade Building
Interior of Ruffin Funeral Home

Page 41
Hayes Freight Line
Frog City

Page 42
Michelson's, 8th Street
Display Room Stelzer Auto Co.

Page 43
McKnight-Keaton Grocery Co., Fleet of trucks and drivers
Birney Hotel, 7th & Washington Ave.

Page 44
A. G. Stainforth Funeral Home
Briggs Lumber Company

Page 45
Gateway City Oil Co.
Egyptian Country Club
Interior Egyptian Country Club

Page 46
Illinois Central Freight and Passenger Station
Illinois Central Round House
Cairo Subway & Floodgate looking North on Route 51

Page 47
Illinois Lumber Co.
Interior of Planing Mill, Illinois Lumber Co.

Page 48
E. L. Bruce Company, looking South on Route 51
E. L. Bruce Company, view taken from Ohio River Levee
E. L. Bruce Company, looking North on Route 51

Page 49
Daughters of American Revolution
City Council of Cairo
Cairo Armory

Page 50
Scene on Route 51
Illinois Power & Light Company
Interior of Illinois Power & Light Company

Page 51
A. Illinois-Missouri Bridge. B. Scene on Ohio River showing Barrett Fleet. C. Approach of new Illinois-Kentucky Bridge, looking toward Illinois. D. Approach Illinois-Missouri Bridge, looking toward Illinois. E. Scene on Ohio River Levee. F. Scene on Ohio River Levee. G. Scene on Ohio River showing Mississippi Vally Barge Line. H. Scene on Ohio River showing tow.

Page 52
First Methodist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, Episcopal Church, Christian Church, Masonic Temple, Court House, A. M. E. Church, Cairo Baptist Church

Page 53
St. Joseph Church with School in background, Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Patrick Church, Tigert Memorial Methodist Church, First Church of Christ Scientist

St. Mary's Infirmary

Page 54
Cairo Post Office, Douglas School, Elmwood School, Lincoln School, Fire Department showing various date equipment, Safford School

Liberty Oil Company on Bridge Highway

Page 55
Homes of: Dr. George Williams, Dr. J. W. Dunn home and office, A. C. Kobler, H. T. Hudson, Maxine Apartments, Leo Johnson, Harry Lind, J. P. Schuh

Page 56
Homes of: O. B. Archibald, Earl Stout, Prentiss Thomas, Dr. Van Andrews, Judge W. S. Dewey, I. W. Rodgers, E. J. Walder, Dr. J. J. Rendleman

Page 57
Homes of: Sam Elias, H. H. Halliday, Bill Griffin, F. M. Block, C. A. Hornbuckle, Carroll C. Carter, Lee J. May, Dr. E. D. Morrow

Page 58
Homes of: J. B. Messenger, Louis H. Block, Harry W. Cade, Dr. Flint Bondurant, C. M. Roos, Bill Bryant, J. L. Harris, C. L. Keaton

Page 59
Horseshoe Lake, Work under construction for Cairo's future High School Stadium, Scenes at Egyptian Country Club

Page 60
Homes of: Herman Weber, Egbert A. Smith, Mrs. P. T. Langan, Dr. Jas. S. Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Herbert, Mrs. M. S. Carter, C. C. Terrell



Edited by
C. E. DeCrow
M. Kubota

Photography by
Van Dyke Studio

Printed by
Missourian Printing &
Stationery Company

Contributed 14 Aug 2019, by Deborah McGee Cox, as a part of the McGee Collection.

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