Alexander County

1936 Douglas School - Third Grade

Third Grade Douglas
February 1936
Miss M. Ogg, Teacher

Clifton Keith
Buddy Shelton
Dorothy Shultz
Edith Pearson
Charlotte Kunitz
Joanne Samuels
Billy McGee (my father)
Mary Alice Russell
Melba Jean
Zelda ______

Bobby Dickerson
Jimmy Brigg____
Mary B. Wallace
Patsy Aydt
Geraldine Melton
Pete Hughes
Paul Young
Frances DeLine
Mary L. Loy
Betty Joe Stout

Betty Maham
Harry Hawes
Paul Roberts
Ray Daniels
Bill J. Schaefer
Jane Underhill
Claude Dorset
Louis _____
Bobby _____

Billy Radford
Joe Wallace
Christine Johnson
Lorene Boolby ???
Dorothea Johnson
_______ Faulkenburg
_____ De Weese
Janey _____

Contributed 27 Aug 2019, by Deborah McGee Cox, as a part of the McGee Collection.

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