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1929 Ferry War

East Cairo Ferry War Big Nuisance
Community Hurt

Rope Stretched Across Road to Halt Tourists

That the Ferry War at East Cairo is becoming not only a public nuisance, but a detriment to the interests of the community is evidenced by two instances that have been brought to the attention of The Evening Citizen.

A well known citizen of Cairo was driving up from Memphis and intended to cross at East Cairo when he approached a rope stretched across the highway. He of couse stopped, and was approached by a man and told that was a private road, and was asked to buy a ticket for one of the ferries. He advised the parties that he already had a ticket, so he was allowed to proceed.

News Spreads to Memphis

That the news of the trouble is being used to the detriment of the East Cairo crossing is shown by the following from the Memphis Press Scimiter of Saturday.

A ferry was at Wickliffe, Ky., which resulted in the shooting of a ferry worker a week ago, brought George Muscovalley of Mound City, Ill., to Memphis Saturday.

"Two ferry companies are at war with each other in Wickliffe for passengers over to Cairo. Recently they have moved up to the square where they nab motorists as they come thru and solicit them before they reach the ferries," he told Chamber of Commerce officials in Memphis.

"My landing at Holloway, Ky., leads over to Mound City, Ill., and the ferry service is equally as good as that at Wickliffe, for cars en route to St. Louis and Chicago. But these ferry companies at Wickliffe are telling motorists that the rates at Holloway are exorbitant, the roads bad, and so forth. As a matter of fact, my rates are lower," he said.

He sought the consent of the road information bureau at the Chamber of Commerce, Newsum's and the De Soto Garage to quote his prices to prospective visitors to the North.

Contributed Aug 2019, by Deborah McGee Cox, as a part of the McGee Collection.

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