Alexander County

Palmer Cemetery

Latitude 371548N, Longitude 0891910W

This cemetery is located in Elco precinct on property owned by Tammsco, Inc., a company that mines the surrounding land for silica. This company relocated the McDaniel-Honey Cemetery right next to the McCrites, Sittons, and Palmers already buried in this area. This is not a complete listing, as far as I know there were 2 more McCrite graves and a few unreadable graves.

Left side of cemetery:

There is a McDaniel-Honey Memorial Stone, which explains the relocation of the cemetery to it's present location and has a map with names from the original cemetery:

1=Unknown Adults
2=Unknown Infants
3=Guy C. McDaniel
4=Horatio McDaniel
5=Rosa P. Honey
6=Zachariah McDaniel
7=Mary I. McDaniel
8=Francis E. McDaniel

Information off individual Stones:

McDaniel, Zachariah, born 1841, died 1875
McDaniel, Mary I., born 1868, died 1875
McDaniel, Horatio, born Apr 1871, died Aug 1924
McDaniel, Guy C., born 1893, died 1920

On the right side of cemetery:

Headstone #1
Claude Palmer (barely readable)
Born 189?
Died 189?

Headstone #2 (had 2 names each on 3 sides)
Louis B. Palmer
Born Feb 18, 1834
Died Aug 4, 1884

Narsissus Palmer
Born Oct 15, 1830
Died Aug 18, 1887

Emily Palmer
Born Feb 9, 1857

Elzetta Palmer
Born Feb 7, 1859

Henrietta Palmer
Born April 1, 1869

Henderson Palmer
Born Aug 4, 1872

Headstone #3
Wife of J. M. Sitton
Died Mar 14, 1879
80 yrs 3 m. 9 d.

Headstone #4
Dau of J.M. & P Sitton
Died Sept 12, 1875
27 yrs 8 m. 6 d.

Contributed by Melinda Williams

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