Alexander County

Dexter Cemetery

The Dexter Cemetery is located in the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 5, Township 15 south, range 2 west. The cemetery is on a steep hill on James Dexter's old homestead in Alexander Co., Ill.

The cemetery was inventoried on 14 Apr 1980, by Carol Jean Adams, Darrel Dexter, and Lois Dexter.

In the 1990s the farm was owned by Marion Cain and located behind the Egyptian School near Tamms, Illinois. The only marker found when the cemetery was visited on 12 Jan 2004, was for James Dexter.

Dexter Cemetery was visited and inventoried by Marilyn McCormick on 02 Jan 2004. Marilyn McCormick is a descendant of Jeremiah and Mary Ann (Rhoads) Dexter and a descendant of Carol Jean Adams and Darrel Dexter, who were descendants of Silas and Sarah (Rhoads) Dexter. Yucca plants still grew near the graves.

A family tie to Jeremiah and Mary Ann Dexter was found for every marked grave in Dexter Cemetery, except Lucy and Luzeta Rimer. They are on the 1880 census of Union Precinct, Union County, Illinois: RIMER, Henry 25 TN TN TN, Lucy 20 TN TN TN, Luzettie 1 TN TN TN.

Dexter, Ben, died Dec 1921, son of Jeremiah Dexter.

Dexter, James, born 25 Dec 1782, died 06 Aug 1843.

Dexter, Jeremiah, died in Mar 1859.

Dexter, Mary Ann, died Oct 1890, wife of Jeremiah Dexter. Her maiden name was Mary Ann Rhoads and she was the daughter of Elisha and Reamy Carter Rhoads.

Dexter, Nancy, died Oct 1890, daughter of Jeremiah Dexter.

Lee, Isaac, Rev., died 27 Apr 1859, aged 55 years, 2 months, 18 days.. Isaac was a brother-in-law of Jeremiah Dexter and husband of Elizabeth Rhoads, half-sister of Mary Ann Rhoads Dexter. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elisha and Happy Stallins Rhoads and a full sister of Sarah "Sally" Rhoads Dexter, wife of Silas Dexter.

McCrite, John H., died 12 Mar 1863, aged 21 years, 9 months, 12 days, "Heaven Is My Home." John was a Civil War soldier. He was a brother of Reuben Vick McCrite, who was married to Elizabeth Dexter, daughter of Jeremiah Dexter.

McDaniel, Elizabeth, born 15 Jan 1855, died 02 Dec 1888, "As a wife devoted. As a mother affectionate. As a friend ever kind and true." Her maiden name was Elizabeth Walker, and she married Jeremiah McDaniel 16 Dec 1874. Jeremiah was a son of Lewis McDaniel and Lorena Rhoads. Jeremiah was a nephew of Jeremiah DEXTER.

Rimer, Lucy, wife of Henry Rimer, died 22 Dec 1882, aged 24 years.

Rimer, Luzeta, daughter of H. & L. Rimer, died 28 Apr 1882, aged 4 years.

Contributed by Darrel Dexter

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