Alexander County

Births - 1900-1904

Abbott, Hermin - father Franklin Harrison Abbott; mother Rose Anna Adams
Abell, Philip Goodwin - father Sam Abell; mother Henrietta Hires
Able, Phillip Goodwin - father Samuel J Able; mother Mary H
Adams, - father John Quincy Adams; mother Lucinda Alice Tracy
Albright, - father Wj Albright; mother Nora Underwood
Albright, William Leo - father John H Albright; mother Mary E Crutcher
Alexander, Claude Reeves - father George Alexander; mother Callie Kenny
Alexander, Louis - father Louis Alexander; mother Josephine Baldwin
Allan, - father James Allan; mother Ola Coleman
Allemier, Helen Ruth - father John Henry Allemier; mother Annie Jane or Augusta Smithey
Allen, Corena - father James Allen; mother Mattie Brown
Allen, Edward - father Edgar Allen; mother Sarah Jane Hayes
Allen, Ora Elizabeth - father Sidney J Allen; mother Ida Cauble
Allin, - father Henry Allin; mother Nancy
Anderson, - father Israel Anderson; mother Mamie Crafton
Anderson, - father Jt Anderson; mother Julia
Anderson, - father Walter Anderson; mother Cora Marshal
Anderson, - father Ca Anderson; mother Phoebe
Anderson, Edward - father Edward Anderson; mother Katie Brown
Anderson, Everett Olivia - father William Homer Anderson; mother Emma Phillip Arter
Anderson, John Thomas - father John Thomas Anderson; mother Julia McBride
Anderson, Julia Geraldine - father Ramon Sydney Anderson; mother Margaret May Caddes
Anderson, Theodore - father Will Anderson; mother Della
Anglin, Lydia Maria - father William Anglin; mother Delsa Pliler
Antrina, Virginia - father H Seymour Antrina; mother Clara Bell McNeal
Applegate, - father Charlie F Applegate; mother Georgie Adams
Applegate, Charles Franklin - father Charles Franklin Applegate; mother Georgia Jones
Arington, - father James Arington; mother Victoria
Armstrong, Ruth - father Frank B Armstrong; mother Margaret Sullivan
Ashby, - father Elwood Ashby; mother Dora Swofford
Atherton, Lieda Rudele - father E L Atherton; mother Augusta
Atkerson, - father Harry Atkerson; mother Lidia
Avery, - father James Avery; mother Amy Cowans
Avington, Ernest - father Harvey Avington; mother Mattie Burres
Axleson, - father Emile Axleson; mother Della Gehring
Ayers, William Murl - father William E Ayers; mother Ione Merum Honey

Baberson, Irelaine - father Lude Baberson; mother Fannie Anderson
Bagby, Clara Faye - father Oliver Bagby; mother India Shelton
Baily, Harry - father James Baily; mother Johnie Rutin
Bain, Olive Vanness - father Foree Wiley Bain; mother Fannie Taylor Price
Baine, - father Tw Baine; mother Lizzie Weiskoff
Baish, George - father Henry M Baish; mother Mattie McKinney
Bales, - father Ed Bales; mother Lulu M Knight
Bambrick, William Joseph - father not stated; mother not stated
Bankston, Eugenia - father William H Bankston; mother Edna E Misenheimer
Barbee, Carrie B - father Frank Barbee; mother Lizzie Daniels
Barker, Mary - father Nelson Barker; mother Arberry Ellis
Barnes, - father Walter E Barnes; mother Darlyne Moore
Barnes, Mattie C - father I Barnes; mother Mattie Crompton
Barnett, Lilly - father not stated; mother not stated
Barns, Oris - father not stated; mother Missouri Johnson
Barth, Herman S - father Stephen Barth; mother Clara Ogg
Barth, Maria Augusta - father Stephen A Barth; mother Clara Ogg
Bass, Bessie May - father Sam Bass; mother Lilly E Randeman
Bass, Helen Pauline - father Benjamin F Bass; mother Isora Young
Bass, Theodore - father Joe Bass; mother Anna Hamilton
Bates, Odell - father Thomas Andrew Bates; mother Lena Hopson
Batty, Gerald Charles - father Charles Dunning Batty; mother Iva Elizabeth Farleigh
Batty, Geraldine Elizabeth - father Charles Dunning Batty; mother Iva Elizabeth Farleigh
Beall, Marjorie Elizabeth - father Hulen K Beall; mother Birdie Mage Gross
Beasley, John Clarence - father Wr Beasley; mother Dora J Thompson
Beasley, Lotus Izora - father Thomas Beasley; mother Loretta May Barnett
Beasley, Maud - father William Beasley; mother Lucas
Beasley, Winford Dewitt - father Thomas Beasley; mother Loretta May Barnett
Beaver, - father Harrison Beaver; mother Mollie Jackson
Beck, Elliott Shelby - father John Beck; mother Nellie Hurd
Becker, Jessie M - father George Becker; mother Jessie Pecord
Beckwith, Susie Lee - father Lee Beckwith; mother Martha Wilcox
Bedwell, Lonie Lorena - father Loranze Leroy Bedwell; mother Irene Durham
Beggs, Loel Theodore - father Fred Beggs; mother Carrie King
Beier, George Gotlieb - father William Beier; mother Annie Nordman
Beland, Louis - father Louis Beland; mother Annie Abbott
Bell, - father not stated; mother Fannie Bell
Bell, - father Tobe Bell; mother Hannah Jones
Bell, Lincoln Garfield M - father William Frederick Simons; mother Elizabeth Agatha Shea
Bell, Nora - father John Bell; mother Amelia Brooks
Benefield, Charles Edward - father Charles Benefield; mother Elizabeth Coffman
Benefield, Ruth Mae - father Charles Benefield; mother Mollie Haufman
Bennett, - father Henry Bennett; mother Caldona Smothers
Bennett, - father Henry Bennett; mother Caledona Smoothers
Bennett, - father William Bennett; mother Mary Ellis
Berkfield, Jacob T - father William Berkfield; mother Addie Edson
Bharam, Marie - father David Bharam; mother Belle McNeal
Bidwell, Victor H - father Francis M Bidwell; mother Mary M Schubert
Billings, - father Lyeur Billings; mother Erie
Billings, Clark - father Henry Billings; mother Pearl Grace
Billings, Rosa O - father John Billings; mother Minnie Benton
Binkley, George Leonard - father James Walter Binkley; mother Agnes Burgeois
Blake, - father Charles Blake; mother Sarah Jane Turner
Blakes, - father Charley Blakes; mother Sarah
Blanks, Beatrice - father Henry Blanks; mother Rebecca
Boger, Moses M - father Joseph Boger; mother Perl Schiffel
Bond, Alton - father Wesley Bond; mother Ora Lee Pratt
Bony, Viola Marie - father Wilkin Bony; mother Pearl Rodger
Bowles, Dudley - father Etip Bowles; mother Jane D Pennell
Boyd, - father Rl Boyd; mother Jettie Etheridge
Boyd, William - father Joe Boyd; mother Lulu Swan
Boykin, - father Stonewall Boykin; mother America
Boykin, Frederick - father Stonewall H Boykin; mother America C Avington
Boyle, Edith Marquard - father William Boyle; mother Hattie Marquard
Boyles, Gracie May - father Sf Boyles; mother Sopha Atchison
Bracken, Ruth Marie - father Jacob F Bracken; mother Ellen Mize
Brackin, Oscar - father Jm Brackin; mother Martha Booker
Bradley, - father Moses Bradley; mother Mary
Bradshaw, - father Orville Fenton Bradshaw; mother Effie Louise Kline
Brady, Bessie May - father Arthur Brady; mother Jessie Pendigras
Branham, Edwin - father David C Branham; mother Emma E Friedordorff
Brankel, William Joseph - father George W Brankel; mother Dora Fitzgerald
Breeze, Clarence Everett - father Enoch F Breeze; mother Mary F McKay
Brewster, Valina - father Daniel Brewster; mother Alice Jacobs
Breysacker, Wallace Alexander - father John Augusta Breysacker; mother Annie Smith
Bridges, Clarence Edmond - father Allison Bridges; mother Martha A Thompson
Brim, Bessie May - father Carlisle A Brim; mother Mary I Queen
Brim, Jessie Earl - father Carlisle Austin Brim; mother Mary Jane Queen
Brim, Sam - father Thomas S Brim; mother Beely Thompson
Brinkley, Percy Carl - father Percy Brinkley; mother Zadie Stalls
Broody, - father George Broody; mother Cathern
Brooks, - father James Brooks; mother Hattie Mitchell
Brooks, Jane Pettit - father Andrew M Brooks; mother Sarah Estell
Brooks, John Benjamin - father Wh Brooks; mother Isabella Willtront
Brooks, Willie - father Willie Brooks; mother Mary Wright
Brown, - father John T Brown; mother Kate Candee
Brown, - father Aaron Brown; mother Jennie Long
Brown, - father Charles F Brown; mother Nellie Brown
Brown, - father William Brown; mother Zelia Hobbs
Brown, Beatrice Drucile - father Henry Brown; mother Ollie Woods
Brown, Bertha May - father Tom S Brown; mother Rosella McHughs
Brown, Beulah Mercedes - father Joseph Elijah Brown; mother Georga Isabella Miller
Brown, Helen Marie - father John Harrison Brown; mother Emma Elizabeth McKendrie
Brown, John - father James A Brown; mother Emma B King
Brown, Laurance - father Jim Brown; mother Rachel Hester
Brown, Lily - father Frank Brown; mother Annie Newton
Brown, Oscar - father Jt Brown; mother Martha Bell Huff
Brown, Oss - father Jt Brown; mother Martha Bell Huff
Brown, Ruth B - father Thomas Brown; mother Addie Buster
Brownhill, Evelyn - father John Brownhill; mother Minnie Hartrick
Bruce, Ruth Neva - father William Sherman Bruce; mother Adina Isabelle Roper
Brusher, May Etter - father Andrew Brusher; mother Ollie Harber
Bryan, Frances Brooke - father Fred B Bryan; mother Effie F
Bryan, William - father Peter Bryan; mother Addie Fowler
Buck, Milburn E - father James M Buck; mother Frances Peggy Wanford
Bugg, - father Will Bugg; mother Mamie
Buggs, - father Willie Buggs; mother Mamie Hogan
Bullard, Edna Ruth - father Oscar Bullard; mother Rose Stackert
Bullett, Oscar - father Oscar Bullett; mother Rosa Stackard
Bunch, Lowell Scott - father Joseph Bunch; mother Nellie Jane McRaven
Burchyett, Raymond - father James Calvin Burchyett; mother Ermine Baker
Burke, Thelma Lenora - father Josiah Burke; mother Elmira Carroll
Burmaster, Clara Emma - father F G Burmaster; mother Emma
Burmaster, Frank Willie - father F G Burmaster; mother Emma
Burmaster, Marie Minnie - father F G Burmaster; mother Emma
Burmaster, Westley Henry - father F G Burmaster; mother Emma
Burmester, - father Frank Burmester; mother Emma Wolfsher
Burnett, Carlis - father Walter Burnett; mother Addie Williams
Burns, Irene Nannie H - father Silas Burns; mother Ada Snow
Burress, - father Thomas Burress; mother Lydia
Burriss, - father Thomas Burriss; mother Lydia
Burriss, Julia Edna - father John Burriss; mother Mallissa London
Bush, - father Sm Bush; mother Drucile H Woods
Bush, Mary Helen L - father Don Bush; mother Mary Brown
Bush, Samuel M - father S Minor Bush; mother Drucile Woods
Butler, Jane - father John Butler; mother Renda Vancle
Butts, - father Walter Butts; mother Minnie Beasley
Butts, Minnie Hazel - father We Butts; mother Carrie Wilson
Butts, Murl - father Walter Butts; mother Minnie Florence Beasley
Byram, Louis Albert - father John William Byram; mother Ida Louise Demontcourt
Byrne, Joseph Callen - father Joe E Byrne; mother Alice Elliott

Caffall, Forrest Adeline - father Louis C Caffall; mother Josephine Beard
Cagle, Mary - father Jl Cagle; mother Lulu Sibert
Cain, - father William Ryan Cain; mother Nora May Miller
Cain, Martha Elysabeth - father William N Cain; mother Lida Wilson
Calgan, - father William Calgan; mother Genevieve Vivian Skewes
Calgan, Hugo A - father William Ernest Calgan; mother Genevieve Skewes
Calhoun, Andrew - father Louis Calhoun; mother Florence
Cambell, Gertrude Eva - father John Cambell; mother Etta McRite
Campbell, - father James Campbell; mother Sarah A Hunsacker
Canadee, Myra - father John Canadee; mother Matilda Nymms
Cannon, - father not stated; mother Annie Cannon
Cannon, Gerald Lee - father Edward Cannon; mother Mary Fitzgerald
Carr, - father George W Carr; mother Amanda
Carter, George Marion - father Benjamin Franklin Carter; mother Adaline M Jordan
Carter, Lela - father George Robert Carter; mother Eliza A Jordan
Carter, Robert Lewis - father Frank Carter; mother Madeline Graves
Cartner, Orval - father Guy W Cartner; mother Blanche E Jones
Cartner, Rexford G - father John W Cartner; mother Etta Clapp
Cartner, Theodore - father John Cartner; mother Lucy Clapp
Caruthers, Floyd Edison - father Richard Caruthers; mother Addie Morrison
Caruthers, Richard - father Richard Caruthers; mother Addie Morrison
Case, Charles - father Will Albert Case; mother Florence Farrell
Casey, Ethel - father Cn Casey; mother Lillie A Webb
Casey, William Gordon - father William Casey; mother Minnie Kuykendall
Casper, Alpha Dar - father Edward Casper; mother Ellen Hood
Casper, Doris - father Edward Casper; mother Ellen Hood
Castleman, Catherine - father Jesse S Castleman; mother Martha Hass
Cauble, - father Otto Cauble; mother Mattie Holmes
Cauble, - father Benjamin F Cauble; mother Lucy I
Cauble, - father Benjamin Cauble; mother Irene Dearing
Cauble, Elsie - father Benjamin F Cauble; mother Lucy D Waring
Cauble, Evert Lee - father Otto Cauble; mother Mattie Holmes
Cauble, Miles Marsh - father Robert M Cauble; mother Celia Marsh
Cauble, William Charlie - father Cyrus Cauble; mother Nettie Elizabeth Huston
Cavender, - father Alvin William Cavender; mother Laura Louisa Anderson
Cavender, Eunice V - father Joseph Cavender; mother Clara J
Cavett, - father Bell Cavett; mother Mattie
Cealey, Charles - father Charles Cealey; mother Libbie
Cealey, Libbie Mrs - father not stated; mother not stated
Cealey, Naomi - father Charles Cealey; mother Libbie
Cephus, Freddie - father John Cephus; mother Georgia
Chandler, - father Rc Chandler; mother Pirila
Childers, Walter Vernon - father Walter Childers; mother Eliza Flowers
Childres, Ida Lee - father James Fulton Childres; mother Alice Elizabeth Matlock
Childs, - father Louis Edgar Childs; mother Susie Angie
Chilles, - father Oliver A Chilles; mother Emma M Wright
Christie, Willie - father Thomas L Christie; mother Della Barnes
Clair, Moselle Madeline - father James Clair; mother Delia Grandy
Clapp, - father William R Clapp; mother Adah M Miller
Clapp, Charles Monroe - father Ec Clapp; mother Sarryann Commings
Clapp, William Paul - father Monroe E Clapp; mother Eva Stewart
Clark, - father Clark; mother Lucy Johnson
Clark, Floyd V - father Charles Clark; mother Mertie O Flanigan
Clark, Netty Jane - father John Clark; mother Nettie Jane Swift
Clarke, John Earl - father William Clarence Clarke; mother Jessie Lee Lincoln
Clemens, - father not stated; mother Ivery Clemens
Clements, Alpha Georgie - father Arthur Clements; mother Rachell Freeman
Clemons, Albert - father M Clemons; mother Amanda Johnson
Click, Austin Marion - father Henry Marion Click; mother Emily Ann Hardin
Cline, Gordon Leslie - father John Cline; mother Ebba Ladora Crite
Coakley, - father John Henry Coakley; mother Ida Belle McDonald
Coakley, Gladys May - father John Henry Coakley; mother Ida Bell McDonald
Cochran, - father Lon Cochran; mother Kate Weakly
Coffey, Mary Isabella - father Luke Mark Coffey; mother Eunice Marie Bunch
Cole, Arthur Wilie - father Arthur Cole; mother Emma James
Cole, Monyett - father Rufus Cole; mother Della McFadden
Collins, Cyntha - father Ike Collins; mother Maggie Allen
Collins, Hazel Nadeen - father Rallie Bruce Collins; mother Ethel Armstrong
Collins, William Eichenberger - father Joseph Collins; mother Mamie M Mifflin
Conera, James McCoy - father James Conera; mother Alice Rickerson
Conley, Hubbard - father Ben Conley; mother Cora Vane
Connells, Walter Eugene - father James Connells; mother Nancy Ann Yates
Constant, Louis - father Louie Constant; mother Mary Steele
Cook, Denobia Betty - father John Cook; mother Susanna Parker
Coombes, - father Voorhees Coombes; mother Nellie Longnesker
Copeland, - father Reuben H Copeland; mother Mary J Belcher
Corn, - father Fw Corn; mother Kate Crow
Cornell, Ruby Theola - father Horace Cornell; mother Vesta Childers
Coury, Mike - father Mike Coury; mother Maggie P Shibley
Cowell, - father Stanford Cowell; mother Viola Stokes
Cowley, - father Thomas Cowley; mother Mary Sullivan
Cox, Effie - father Sumner Cox; mother Ella Brown
Crabtree, - father Green P Crabtree; mother Maggie Coyle
Craig, Marie Victoria - father Thomas Craig; mother Pernina Wetherley
Craig, Marion Victor - father Thomas Craig; mother Pernina Wetherley
Crain, Vivian - father James T Crain; mother Emma M Thompson
Crane, - father James Crane; mother Hettie McDonald
Crawford, - father Joseph Crawford; mother Betty Baily
Creith, Howard Ernest - father Albert E Creith; mother Jossie M Shelton
Croft, Winnie - father Nelson I Croft; mother Essie Giles
Crouch, - father Charles Crouch; mother Ella
Crouch, - father Thomas Crouch; mother Ida
Crow, Leonard - father Ja Crow; mother Ollie Pennell
Cruse, Mina - father Peter A Cruse; mother Sarah M Poole
Cruse, Richard Lee - father Peter A Cruse; mother Sara Matilda Pool
Cude, John Harold - father John H Cude; mother Nellie Stuart
Cuinghan, - father not stated; mother Elnora Cuinghan
Culli, - father George Edward Culli; mother Nora Lavinia Woodrome
Culver, Vivien Marion - father Francis Marion Culver; mother Carrie Atherton
Cunningham, Catherine - father William G Cunningham; mother Mai McGauley
Curran, Margaret - father William Curran; mother Hannah Magner
Curry, - father James Curry; mother Amanda E Kellis

Dague, - father Allen Edward Dague; mother Carrie H Hochenedel
Dailey, - father John M Dailey; mother Mary Catherine
Daily, William - father John Daily; mother Mary Hankley
Dalton, - father Alex Dalton; mother Sarah Fulton
Dalton, Andrew Monroe - father Charles Dalton; mother Mary Louise Turner
Danils, - father Walter Danils; mother Minnie Crumbaugh
Darnell, James - father not stated; mother not stated
Daverage, Margaret - father James Daverage; mother Pearl Walker
David, Carollos H - father Herman David; mother Ollie Ralls
David, Oriel Ivan - father Herman David; mother Olive Ione Ralls
Davidson, - father Ch Davidson; mother Ollie Parr
Davidson, Anna Elizabeth - father James Herbert Davidson; mother Margaret Gatlin
Davis, - father Henry Lewis Davis; mother Susie Odella Carter
Davis, - father Wn Davis; mother Oliva Atchinson
Davis, - father Harry L Davis; mother Davis
Davis, - father not stated; mother Pearl Davis
Davis, - father Et Davis; mother Davis
Davis, Carl Dewitt - father Burt C Davis; mother Mary Belle Newberry
Davis, Edith Viola - father William Davis; mother Lou Eachus
Davis, Elsie M - father Charles W Davis; mother Iva J High
Davis, Leota Mae - father Lee B Davis; mother Adelia Pickett
Dawson, Mary Rose - father Aaron Dawson; mother Ida
Dawson, Milard Philmore - father Aaron Dawson; mother Ida
Deckard, Sadie Irene - father William Deckard; mother Laura Coran
Decrow, Charles Edward - father James Decrow; mother Hermina Gruening
Deem, Louise Alleen - father A R Deem; mother Beatrice
Denfip, - father John Denfip; mother Lotta Westerman
Denfip, Lizzy Marie - father Smith Denfip; mother Nancy Emmaline Oller
Denfip, Myrtle Marie - father Frank Denfip; mother Octava Brown
Denfip, Sidney H - father Levi Denfip; mother Matilda Catherine Bishop
Denton, - father Harvey Denton; mother Oma
Denzel, Alfred Eugene - father Walter Denzel; mother Eugenia Muenz
Devore, Edgar Erie - father David Devore; mother Julia Avington
Dewey, William - father George F Dewey; mother Nora Clarkson
Dewitt, John Arthur - father Wh Dewitt; mother Mary Vena Poole
Dexter, Joseph Isaac - father Joseph Washington Dexter; mother Rachel Emelia Addington
Dexter, Mary M - father Joseph Washington Dexter; mother Rachel Emelia Addington
Dezonia, Frederick William - father Frederick W Dezonia; mother Pearl R Dunn
Dickerson, - father James Dickerson; mother Sarah Caroway
Dickerson, - father Joseph B Dickerson; mother Sarah Caroway
Dickerson, Eva Myrtle - father Charlie A Dickerson; mother Ida Brown
Dickerson, Gladys Ora - father Bf Dickerson; mother Nicie
Dinwiddie, - father Charles Dinwiddie; mother Hattie Thart
Dixon, - father John Dixon; mother Silva Johnson
Dixon, Minnie May - father William H Dixon; mother Minnie Hazel
Dodge, Harry Whitfield - father George M Dodge; mother Margaret Ann Arkew
Dollman, Ora Celeste - father Jesse Dollman; mother Effie Reams
Donovan, Margaret - father Timothy Donovan; mother Mary Coleman
Donovan, Mary - father Timothy Donovan; mother Mary Coleman
Dorch, - father Frank Dorch; mother Ida Vassar
Doud, Margaret - father Peter J Doud; mother Elizabeth Walder
Douglas, - father Fred Douglas; mother Eva Sitton
Douglas, Clemens - father James Douglas; mother Lulu McFadden
Douglas, Felix - father Felix Douglas; mother Ethel Grigsby
Douglas, John - father Fred Douglas; mother Eva Sitton
Dowdy, - father Sam Dowdy; mother Ira Hardy
Downes, Thelma - father Thomas James Downes; mother Edith Spofford
Dunker, Harry Joseph - father Henry Dunker; mother Maggie Kuykendall
Dunker, Henry William - father Henry Dunker; mother Maggie Kuykendall
Dunker, William - father William Dunker; mother Mamie Gallimore
Dunn, Loren John - father Adolphus Dunn; mother Kate Devine
Dunning, Amos Merrell - father Amos Dunning; mother Leuis Estella Cartner
Dunning, Lucy Elvada - father Charles H Dunning; mother Adelia Atherton
Dunning, Mergie Naomi - father Jeremiah Dunning; mother Norsisus Canadia Holmes
Dyas, Edward F - father Edward Dyas; mother Minnie Walbaum
Dyer, - father Samuel Dyer; mother Mamie Ford
Dyer, - father Samuel Dyer; mother Mary E Ford

Easley, Samuel Darrell - father James Easley; mother Gertrude
Eaton, William - father Will Eaton; mother Sarah Upchurch
Edeline, John Owens - father Owens Edeline; mother Maude
Edeline, Margarette Amanda - father Owens Edeline; mother Maude
Edeline, Marguerite - father Owens Edeline; mother Maud Collins
Ediker, Dorothy Catherine - father Joseph Charles Ediker; mother Clara A Seifke
Edmonds, - father Georg W Edmonds; mother Dora Chism
Edmonds, George Elmer - father George Edmonds; mother Dora Chism
Edmunds, Carl B - father William T Edmunds; mother Katherine Mr Berhin
Elliott, - father George Elliott; mother Sarah E Foster
English, - father William C English; mother Laura Knight
Ent, Annetta Inez - father Robert Ent; mother Edith N Litherland
Entzwiler, - father Mike Entzwiler; mother Flora McCord
Epperhimer, Ollie - father Charley Epperhimer; mother Della Milton
Ericksen, Albert Clarence - father Albert E Ericksen; mother Nora Carlson
Erickson, George Edwin - father Albert A Erickson; mother Nora A
Erickson, Howard Emil - father Albert A Erickson; mother Nora A
Erickson, William Arthur - father Albert A Erickson; mother Nora A
Eschman, Gertrude Rose - father George Eschman; mother Mary Ann Eich
Etherton, Hazel Fern - father Don M Etherton; mother Rosa Lorine Sims

Farmer, James - father James Farmer; mother Lizzie Watson
Farrell, Catherine Ann - father John Farrell; mother Dora Myers
Felix, Blanche Mary - father Joe Felix; mother Mary Brooks
Feltes, - father George Washington Feltes; mother Nellie E Hewett
Feltes, George Robert - father G W Feltes; mother N E
Ferguson, - father Frank Ferguson; mother Mary E Ferrill
Fernberg, Beatrice Rosa - father M Fernberg; mother Dora Rice
Fields, - father William H Fields; mother Laura V
Fields, Edith Helen - father Gideon E Fields; mother Cora Turner
Finley, Frank - father Oscar Finley; mother Margaret Upchurch
Fischer, Dorothy - father George Fischer; mother Maggie Gunther
Fischer, George Howard - father George J Fischer; mother Theresa B Smith
Fisher, - father not stated; mother Dora Thomas
Fitzgerald, Edna May - father John James Fitzgerald; mother Anna Koehler
Fitzgerald, Frank J - father Frank J Fitzgerald; mother Rose S Serbian
Flack, Marguerite Frances - father Rufus Pinkney Flack; mother Lulu May Nichols
Fleming, Virginia Gayle - father Ih Fleming; mother Maria Cross
Floyd, Claude Edward - father John E Floyd; mother Nancy D Thompson
Fogelman, Lloyd - father William A Fogelman; mother Florence Price
Ford, Emilee Ruth - father John Ford; mother Americus Brown
Ford, John - father John Ford; mother Sarah Danner
Foreman, Carita Irvin - father Roy Foreman; mother Minnie Irwin
Foster, Dollie Lorene - father Robert William Foster; mother Louella
Foster, Glenn Rinehart - father Harry N Foster; mother Izetta M Rinehart
Foster, Harry Meridith - father Harry M Foster; mother Izetta N Rhinehart
Foster, Martha Virtus - father Beverly Brown Foster; mother Loretta Miller
Fowler, Eldon Simpson - father Simpson Fowler; mother Mary Howeston
Fowler, Hazel Marie - father Charles A Fowler; mother Mary Edith Hardesty
Fowler, Kenneth Guy - father Charles A Fowler; mother May Edith Hardesty
Fox, Florida - father George Fox; mother Josephine Bell Carmody
Fox, Richard Patrick - father George Fox; mother Josephine Carmody
Franke, Theresa - father August Franke; mother Anna Gausman
Franklin, Marie - father William Franklin; mother Annie Rice
Fraser, William Sackwood - father Alex S Fraser; mother Matilda Blatteau
Frazier, Lula - father John Frazier; mother Lula Partors
Frazier, William - father not stated; mother not stated
Free, - father Benjamin Free; mother Isabella Wagner
Freeze, George W - father not stated; mother not stated
French, Annie - father Ben French; mother Annie Stokes
Friedman, Bertha Augusta - father Joseph Friedman; mother Anna Mary Stenger
Fuller, Daisy - father John Fuller; mother Amelia Shepard
Fuller, Nellie - father John Fuller; mother Amy Shepard

Gadbois, William L - father William L Gadbois; mother Cannie F Ford
Gallimore, Charles - father not stated; mother Jesse Gallimore
Galvin, Rosa - father Thomas E Galvin; mother Bridget Blake
Gammon, Mabel Victoria - father William A Gammon; mother Charlotta C Cox
Gannon, Emily Asteria - father Richard Gannon; mother Nora Catherine O'Halloran
Gannon, Rosa - father Richard E Gannon; mother Sarah McManus
Gardner, Amanda Modena - father Thomas L Gardner; mother Emma Turner
Gardner, Frederick Homer - father Thomas L Gardner; mother Emma Turner
Gardner, Lee - father Lee Gardner; mother Emma Anderson
Gearing, - father John A N Gearing; mother Sarah Bass
Gearing, Gladys Estella - father John A Gearing; mother Sarah Bass
Genes, Leonard - father Ain Genes; mother Emelia Elen Crittendon
George, Gertrude - father Walter George; mother Sarah Holmes
George, Myowner - father James George; mother Alice Hill
Gerden, - father Richard Gerden; mother Mary Sanders
Gest, Alice Ordell - father Robert Gest; mother Juanita Sparks
Gibbs, Margaret May - father William Gibbs; mother Rosa Cadelle
Gibson, Anna May - father William Gibson; mother Laura Wood
Gilbert, Helen - father Miles Safford Gilbert; mother Helen Elizabeth Judson
Gilbert, Ruth H - father George Gilbert; mother Irene
Gill, Dime - father Richard Gill; mother Lizzie
Gillespie, Ruth Odelia - father James B Gillespie; mother Rose Trapp
Gillespie, Velma Geraldine - father Charles Washington Gillespie; mother Lula Augusta Cartner
Givens, - father John Givens; mother Jennie
Glotfelty, Henry Fitzgerald - father Phillip R Glotfelty; mother Anna Laura Burbank
Goatey, Franklin F - father Frank A Goatey; mother Cora S Flood
Goaty, - father Joseph Goaty; mother Belle Axley
Goetz, John Joseph - father Iriene Goetz; mother Ellanora Hoerr
Golden, - father Joe Golden; mother Tinnie Blank
Goldsmith, Henry Mason - father Hugh Mason Goldsmith; mother Ida May Hodge
Goodman, Abraham - father Samuel Goodman; mother Ester Isaacs
Goodman, Eunice Lucille - father Hc Goodman; mother Elice M Magerhon
Gordon, Allen - father Lee Gordon; mother Emma Anderson
Gore, Wallace C - father Walter C Gore; mother Ella Totter
Gorman, - father James F Gorman; mother Annie
Grammer, Clarence Edward - father Edward L Grammer; mother Fannie Stone
Gray, James Herman - father Herman Gray; mother Belle Axley
Gray, Mary - father James J Gray; mother Mary Erants
Greaney, Josephine Ruth - father Robert J Greaney; mother Cora May Thistlewood
Greaney, Mary Katherine - father John B Greaney; mother Katherine F Moran
Greany, Marion - father William G Greany; mother Loretta Carroll
Green, - father James Anderson; mother Mattie Green
Green, John - father not stated; mother Jessy Green
Green, Marretta L - father Gus Green; mother Lydia Points
Green, Stanford Napolian - father Lucian Green; mother Alice Manson
Gregg, Charles Thornton - father not stated; mother not stated
Gregory, Willie - father Robert Gregory; mother Mary
Griffin, William - father William Griffin; mother Emma Hopsen
Gross, Edward Russell - father Edward Lee Gross; mother Annabel Little
Grundy, - father Manuel Grundy; mother Henrietta Summers
Grundy, Lillian Marie - father Emanual Grundy; mother Henrietta Summers
Guinn, Joe - father Joe Guinn; mother Alice
Guion, - father James M Guion; mother Emma Thompson

Hagey, Odessa Ruth - father Fritz Hagey; mother Lizzie Mikkin
Hagler, - father Felix Hagler; mother Amanda Meridy
Hale, Opel May - father John F Hale; mother Mary Maggie Bradley
Hall, Barney Baymore - father Barney Elijah Hall; mother Eli Frances Perry
Hall, George Washington - father George Monroe Hall; mother Mary Anna Holmes
Hall, John - father John Hall; mother Sallie Chandler
Hall, Theodore - father Benjamin Hall; mother Lucy Parson
Halliday, Robert - father Edwin Halliday; mother Ruth Hudson
Halliday, Russell - father Harry E Halliday; mother Nellie Galligher
Hammons, - father Albert Hammons; mother Willie
Hamplen, May - father John Hamplen; mother Jennie Bonner
Hampleton, Meron Francis - father Fm Hampleton; mother Eliza Alice Penrod
Handley, Elizabeth - father not stated; mother not stated
Haner, Sidney - father Henry C Haner; mother Lizzie Ettie Huff
Hanks, Oller Edward - father John H Hanks; mother Arminta Jane Williamson
Hardeman, Sherman - father William Hardeman; mother Mary Wilkins
Harden, - father William Harden; mother Harden
Hardges, Willie May - father Pollard Hardges; mother Luella
Hardin, - father James Henry Hardin; mother Emmarilla Weatherly
Hardin, Mattie Geneva C - father Amos Hardin; mother Cora Williams
Hargis, - father Willard Hargis; mother Ledora Lipe
Hargis, - father Jd Hargis; mother Lizzie Braiden
Harmon, Robert - father Robert Harmon; mother Lena Newsome
Harris, - father Louis Harris; mother Sis Hughes
Harris, - father Enoch M Harris; mother Leonette Davis
Harris, Lelia Marie - father Harry J Harris; mother Flotilla Greenwalt
Harrison, - father William Monroe Harrison; mother Mary Elizabeth Bullard
Hartline, Eugene - father George M Hartline; mother Annie Caroline Cox
Hartline, Miles Lemuel - father Lemuel Hartline; mother Amanda E Scarbrough
Hartman, Bernice Belle - father Walter Tracy Hartman; mother Margaret May Day
Hartman, Cecil Raymond - father Walter Tracy Hartman; mother Margaret May Day
Harvel, Nella Ruth - father Wr Harvel; mother Mary Elizabeth West
Harvel, Noble Loyd - father Wr Harvel; mother Mary E West
Harwell, Eva Ruth - father Justin Harwell; mother Annie King
Haslauer, Nelda - father Fred Haslauer; mother Blanche Ireland
Hatcher, Glynn - father James Hatcher; mother Alice Stoddard
Hatcher, James Glynn - father James Hatcher; mother Alice
Hatcher, Margaret Rebekah - father Robert A Hatcher; mother Hallie
Hathaway, Edward L - father Walter Hathaway; mother Jennie Alexander
Hathaway, Marie - father Walter Hathaway; mother Jennie Alexander
Hawkins, Edmond W - father George E Hawkins; mother Ida Belle Rend
Hawkins, Oscar - father David Hawkins; mother Julia Hilliard
Hayden, - father Nathan Hayden; mother Emma
Hayes, Elmar Edgefield - father Charles Columbus Hayes; mother Amelia
Haynes, Thomas H - father Thomas Hicks Haynes; mother Carrie Heims
Hazelwood, - father Thomas Hazelwood; mother Mattie Sharp
Hazlewood, Alexander Franklin - father Fred C Hazlewood; mother Jennie Rendleman
Hazlewood, Louisa Josephine - father Samuel Rudolph Hazlewood; mother Ina Bell Provo
Heart, Ethel - father Frank Heart; mother Pearl Harris
Hegler, - father not stated; mother Liza Arma Hegler
Heid, Martha Carolyn - father Jacob Heid; mother Flora Annis Slimpert
Henderson, - father Joseph Henderson; mother Ida N Nelson
Henderson, - father George Henderson; mother Sarah Angelin George
Henderson, Ada - father Lem Henderson; mother Lucinda Herner
Henderson, Dorothy - father Raymond L Henderson; mother Elsie Stuart
Henderson, Riley - father Lem Henderson; mother Lucelia Horner
Henderson, Willie Albert - father not stated; mother Pauline Henderson
Henert, - father Amel Henert; mother Coraline Miller
Henley, - father Ben W Henley; mother Freda
Herbert, - father Louis C Herbert; mother Emma Koehler
Herbert, Joseph Lewis P - father Albert Philip Herbert; mother Rosa Katherine Barth
Hessian, Rosemary Cecilia - father C Hessian; mother Cecilia Greaney
Hester, Benjamin - father Hughey Hester; mother Lavona Sims
Hewitt, Raymond - father Samuel S Hewitt; mother Nora Durham
Hickcox, - father Josiah Finley Hickcox; mother Emma Cunningham
Hickey, Edward - father not stated; mother not stated
Hicks, Gracy Mary - father James H Hicks; mother Almeda R Hawk
Higgins, Mabel - father Charles Higgins; mother Lizzie Wagerbacher
Hileman, Clara - father Dj Hileman; mother Alley Knupp
Hileman, Dennis Hardin - father Jefferson Hileman; mother Allie Knupp
Hill, Gladys - father Spencer Hill; mother Lillie Jones
Hoag, Dorothy Asenath - father John Hazelip Hoag; mother Mary Eliza Felter
Hock, Wilma - father Will Hock; mother Ella Cook
Hodge, Pearl - father Ws Hodge; mother Lulu Cook
Hodge, William Walder - father William Walter Hodge; mother Clara Walder
Hodges, Anna - father James Morgan Hodges; mother Connie L Buckner
Hodges, Herbert - father John Hodges; mother Capitola Nelson
Hoffman, William Alfard - father John Hoffman; mother Alice Catherine Thompson
Holcomb, Denton - father Wd Holcomb; mother Kate A Smith
Holland, - father Charles Holland; mother Clara
Holloman, Jennie Fern - father Charles Ezekiel Calvert Holloman; mother Martha Ellen Hiller
Holmes, - father Estes Holmes; mother not stated
Holmes, Edna - father Erney S Holmes; mother Emma
Holmes, Lester Allen - father Estes Holmes; mother Savannah Mae Baker
Holshouser, - father William Holshouser; mother Nora Holmes
Holsten, - father Virgil Holsten; mother Mariah
Holzhauser, Ella Regina G - father Leonard Holzhauser; mother Anna Brinkmeyer
Hopkins, Phillip - father William Hopkins; mother Lucinda
Hoppe, Esther - father Ernest Hoppe; mother Molly Brusher
Hoppy, Mollie - father Ernest Hoppy; mother Mollie
Hornberger, Albert - father George A Hornberger; mother Eva Strickland
Hornberger, Velma Louise - father Andy J Hornberger; mother Elizabeth Bradshaw
Hornbucker, Mary - father James Hornbucker; mother Julia Holman
Horner, Bertha - father Ike Horner; mother Annie Cappshaw
Hoskins, Beatrice - father Fuller Hoskins; mother Hattie
Houston, - father James A Houston; mother Emma Clay
Houston, Addie J - father John Houston; mother Alice Wall
Howall, Maurice - father James Howall; mother Effie Simpson
Howard, - father Johnathan Howard; mother Rosa
Howard, Ella May S - father Thomas Edward Howard; mother Maggie Lee Taylor
Howe, Louise - father William Henry Howe; mother Mabel Duncan
Hubbard, - father Thomas Hubbard; mother Hattie Chavers
Huber, - father Edward Huber; mother M Honey
Huddleston, - father Dc Huddleston; mother Mildred Cox
Huette, Julia Margaret - father Walter Beardsley Huette; mother Margaret Smith
Huff, Clarence Anderson - father William Huff; mother Annie May Smith
Huff, Joseph Marvin - father John Huff; mother Annie Smith
Huffman, - father William Huffman; mother Malinda
Huffman, Dan - father Rob Huffman; mother Mattie Locketman
Huggins, John Nelson - father William Huggins; mother Martha Sharp
Hukett, Birtie - father John H Hukett; mother Clara Lipe
Hulen, - father Charles W Hulen; mother Edna Parker
Hulen, Frank Leon - father William Wiley Hulen; mother Leona Berry
Hunter, Erle - father Erle Hunter; mother Ila Flowers
Hurston, John - father John Hurston; mother Anna Mycoy
Hurt, - father Frank Hurt; mother Annie May Ray
Huskinson, Charles William - father Charles William Huskinson; mother Mary E
Huskinson, Dorothy - father Charles Huskinson; mother Mary
Hustler, Lizzie May - father William Hustler; mother Frankie Shannon
Hutchason, Vida Lois - father John Hutchason; mother Millie Hoffman
Hutchen, Norma E - father Norman Hutchen or Hutchenson; mother Malinda E Caneda
Hutchinson, - father Patrick Hutchinson; mother Willie
Hutchinson, - father Isaac Hutchinson; mother Sallie Petitt
Hutson, - father William R Hutson; mother Martha A

Ince, Elmer Edgar - father Elmer Edgar Ince; mother Celeste L Littleton
Ingram, Mearl - father Thomas Ingram; mother Angeline Necil
Inman, - father Wg Inman; mother Susie E
Ireland, - father Claude Ireland; mother Minnie
Ireland, - father Rc Ireland; mother Minnie Hughes
Irvin, - father Andrew J Irvin; mother Eva Malcom
Irvin, Elsie Marian - father Aj Irvin; mother Effie Malcom
Ismonde, Henry Albert - father William P Ismonde; mother Matilda G Olson

Jackson, - father Mit Jackson; mother Amanda Simmons
Jackson, Addie May - father Thomas Jackson; mother Louisa
Jackson, Alleck - father George Jackson; mother Sarah
Jackson, Bennie - father Israel Jackson; mother Laura Dunnagon
Jackson, Catherine - father Henry Jackson; mother Anna Dokes
Jackson, Ester - father Je Jackson; mother Glendora Barbee
Jackson, George Stanley - father James Jackson; mother Eva Hargis
Jackson, James Wayne - father not stated; mother Pearl Jackson
Jackson, Joseph Hughy - father John Newton Jackson; mother Mattie May Stapleton
Jackson, Normer - father James Jackson; mother Jennie Pritchett
Jacobs, Arthur - father Edgar Arthur Jacobs; mother Jennie N Cox
Jacobs, Helen Mildred - father John W Jacobs; mother Minnie Spotts
James, Eugene - father Eugene James; mother Millie Hudson
James, Frank Perkins - father Garfield Arthur James; mother Ada Paschalina Phelps
Jenkins, Mary Josephine - father Ec Jenkins; mother Millie Jones
Jenkins, Ray Edward - father Edward Jenkins; mother Millie Jones
Jerro, Susan - father Edward Jerro; mother Mary Jane Matlock
Johnson, - father Henry Johnson; mother Florence Gray
Johnson, - father George Johnson; mother Margaret Rodgers
Johnson, - father Reuben Johnson; mother Mattie
Johnson, Ambrose - father Amos Johnson; mother Twinee Mason
Johnson, Daniel - father Daniel Johnson; mother Alice
Johnson, George - father Gillan Johnson; mother Seamdie
Johnson, James Monroe - father Amos J Johnson; mother Mary Carter
Johnson, Laura - father Neal Johnson; mother Betty
Johnson, Livingston Beeches - father Tom Johnson; mother Hallie Grace Kennedy
Johnson, Marian Louise - father Cajor H Johnson; mother Nellie Ford
Johnson, Marie Geneva - father Walter Edward Johnson; mother Ellen Vergen Lancaster
Johnson, Mose - father Mose Johnson; mother Mollie Crout
Johnson, Robin F - father Reuben F Johnson; mother Mattie Henderson
Jones, - father Henry Jones; mother Melvina Hill
Jones, - father Myron A Jones; mother Maggie R Simpson
Jones, - father Luther J Jones; mother Albertha Fountain
Jones, Daniel - father Jim Jones; mother Mattie Collins
Jones, Edward - father Richard Jones; mother Carrie Franz
Jones, Ethel - father Frank Jones; mother Ethel
Jones, Ethel - father Ike Jones; mother Martha Jane Jackson
Jones, Evelyn - father Richard Jones; mother Caroline Lafranz
Jones, Frederick - father Frederick R Jones; mother Bettie McKnight
Jones, Harold A - father Ernest Jones; mother Gertrude Greenley
Jones, John Lyman - father John Jones; mother Celia Terry
Jones, Margaret - father James Jones; mother Rachel Turner
Jones, Margie - father James Jones; mother Rachel Turner
Jones, Mary Helen - father James Jones; mother Rachel Turner
Jones, Mary Marie - father Bert E Jones; mother Mary Malinda Dyer
Jordan, Louis Franklin - father He Jordan; mother Ella Nora Boger
Jordan, Louis Thomas - father Jh Jordan; mother Minnie Izora Lingle
Jordan, Lucy - father Henry Elmer Jordan; mother Ellen Nora Bogar
Jordan, W - father W Jordan; mother Addie Colany
Jordon, Lorean - father Mosey A Jordon; mother Lilly Jane Brown

Kaericher, Alberta Dugan - father Albert Kaericher; mother Odessa Bolinger
Kaufman, Florence - father Eugene Kaufman; mother Mary Alice Lee
Keaton, Clarence A - father Clarence L Keaton; mother Levie Bondurant
Kee, Estella E - father Jesse A Kee; mother Paralee Williams
Keefe, Robert Venton - father Robert Wade Keefe; mother Laura Ellen Honey
Kelley, - father Samuel Kelley; mother Lizzie Price
Kelley, Agnes Beatrice - father Joseph Kelley; mother Beatrice Donnelly
Kelley, Mary Theresa - father Daniel M Kelley; mother Theresa M Walsh
Kelly, Anna Marie - father Joseph Kelly; mother Bridget Donelly
Kelly, Lawrence Gregory - father Daniel E Kelly; mother Theresa Walsh
Kerby, Elmira - father Tom Kerby; mother Della
Key, Frank - father Daniel Key; mother Minnie Lacey
Khory, Rufail - father Gealm Khory; mother Debory John
Kief, Mary Pearl - father James Arthur Kief; mother Mary Lena Brown
Kiley, - father Mj Kiley; mother Catherine Quinn
Kiley, Edwin R - father Mj Kiley; mother Catherine Quinn
Kinder, Fay - father Willard H Kinder; mother Maude Rice
King, - father Harry L King; mother Zetta L Moody
King, Henrietta - father Edward F King; mother Flora Ann Porterfield
King, Oscar Edwin - father Thomas E King; mother Rosa J Norix
Kinnison, Leslie D - father Clarence D Kinnison; mother Binnie Ann
Kirby, Harry - father Joseph Pink Kirby; mother Mary Aldrich
Kirkpatrick, Jane Elizabeth - father Thomas Mitchell Kirkpatrick; mother Francis Urena Sitton
Knight, - father John Thomas Knight; mother Nancy Ellen Dotson
Knight, Earl - father Wesley Knight; mother Eva Jones
Knight, Phelis - father Joseph N Knight; mother Sarah Elizabeth Allmon
Knupp, - father Frank H Knupp; mother Charlotta Sweeting
Knupp, Ray Frank - father F H Knupp; mother C H
Koch, - father Christ Koch; mother Frances Goetz
Krouch, Margaret - father Henry Krouch; mother Margaret Guiant
Kuehnert, Fredrick Isaac - father Emil Kuehnert; mother Cordelia Rader
Kuesner, George W - father Casper Kuesner; mother Lena Eirbag
Kunsman, Elmer - father Elmer Kunsman; mother Emma Mirts
Kuykendall, Charles Dewitt - father James Jackson Kuykendall; mother Mamie Dickerson
Kuykendall, Charles Dewitt - father James J Kuykendall; mother Mammie
Kynaston, George Martin - father James Kynaston; mother Bertha Dick

Lane, - father George Lane; mother Bell Taylor
Langan, Mary Foster - father Pt Langan; mother Minnie Rennie
Langston, - father King Langston; mother Paralee
Latham, Gertrude Marie - father George Washington Latham; mother Elizabeth Resch
Laules, Arthur Meldren - father Alexander Craig Laules; mother Julia Etta Murford
Leach, Helen Frankie - father William Leach; mother Eva Harris
Leavers, Flemens - father John Leavers; mother Georgia Redmon
Leavitt, Leonard Grover - father John Leavitt; mother Ellen Doud
Lee, - father Charles Lee; mother Mary Osier
Lee, Lila - father Charles Lee; mother Mollie Serbian
Lee, Otto - father Otto Lee; mother Kate Hill
Lemay, - father James Marion Lemay; mother Sarah Eliza Williams
Lemay, Marion Viska A - father Marion Lemay; mother Mamie Elizabeth Chism
Lemay, Theodore Roosevelt - father James Lemay; mother Mary Ellen Connell
Lemon, Albert Sanford - father Ernest Lemon; mother Julia Victoria Armstrong
Lentz, Jennie May - father Ulysses Cicero Lentz; mother Iva Nora Standard
Leonard, Alistes - father Alistes Leonard; mother Lula Dunn
Levis, Edward Nelson - father Nelson Levis; mother Ella
Lewis, Gladys Laverne - father Lou Lewis; mother Fredona W George
Lewis, Grace Elizabeth - father Walker L Lewis; mother Annie
Lewis, Luther - father Luther Lewis; mother Annie Epps
Life, Georgia Gladys - father George Maulen; mother Mandy Adortha Life
Lilley, - father Albert Lilley; mother Sarah Mary Brown
Lindsey, Frances - father John Lindsey; mother Nora Ables
Lindsey, John - father John Lindsey; mother Nora Ables
Linehan, Cornelius - father Cornelius Linehan; mother Mary Shanahan
Lingle, Claud Eger - father Henry M Lingle; mother Mary Cauble
Lingle, Izetta - father Henry M Lingle; mother Mary Cauble
Lintyenich, Mary - father not stated; mother Clara Lintyenich
Lipe, Grace Isabel - father David Oscar Lipe; mother Rose Hanna Kelley
Lippe, - father Charles Lippe; mother Maggie Webber
Lisby, Nannie - father Alvin Lisby; mother Mandy Dortha Lipe
Lock, Chloe - father Charles Allan Lock; mother Mary Elizabeth Ball
Locket, - father James H Locket; mother Sussie Robison
Logan, Margaret Elanor - father G W Logan; mother Margaret A
Logsden, - father John Logsden; mother Risse Paulina
London, Logus - father Matthew London; mother Christina Maeleza Burress
Long, William Anderson - father Ira Elsworth Long; mother May Dunkin
Long, William Franklin - father Benjamin Franklin Long; mother Cassie Myrtle Wagner
Lovett, Mary C - father Thomas C Lovett; mother Theresa Franke
Lutz, John Phillipp - father Neulcher Lutz; mother Margaret Elizabeth O'Donnell
Lwesay, Benton A - father Benton Lwesay; mother Bessie Gertrude Woodward

Machelvoy, - father William Machelvoy; mother Loretta Brown
Mack, Mary - father Willie Mack; mother Rosa Walker
Mack, Therena - father Willis Mack; mother Rosa Walker
Madden, George Gilmore - father Thomas J Madden; mother Minnie Gilmore
Magee, Grace Meriam - father James Bruce Magee; mother Grace Everette Arter
Magner, Edward Arthur - father Arthur Magner; mother Ellen Shanahan
Magner, William Arthur - father William Michael Magner; mother Mary Ann Meehan
Mahaffee, Florence - father Manning Mahaffee; mother Freda Rika Arnold
Mainer, - father George Henry Mainer; mother Lucy Olive Rader
Mainer, John Harold - father John W Mainer; mother Hattie P Craig
Majors, - father Dave Majors; mother Josephine Evans
Malone, - father James Malone; mother Sarah
Mansker, Edith Irma - father Edward Mansker; mother M Pearson
Mansperger, Andrew Carl - father Carl Mansperger; mother Hermina Wilhelmina Block
Mansperger, Louis Herman - father Carl Christian Mansperger; mother Hermina Wilhelmina Block
Marble, Olive Loys - father Oh Marble; mother Ora Loys Halley
Marion, Mildred - father Charles Marion; mother Ida Gibson
Marshall, Florence - father Norval Marshall; mother Sophia Clendening
Martin, - father Oliver Perry Martin; mother Lucie Elizabeth Ritter
Martin, Marion Alexander - father Alexander A Martin; mother Mary Davis
Martindale, - father George Martindale; mother Annie Martindale
Massey, Bartley - father John Massey; mother Bessie Bowman
Mather, Mildred Irma - father Barton Lyons Mather; mother Mary Fay
Mathews, Jessie - father John Edward Mathews; mother Sibbie McIntosh
Matlock, William James - father James Tilden Matlock; mother Addie Phillips
Mattson, Joseph Nathaniel - father Albert Mattson; mother Mary Thomison
Maxey, James - father Thomas Maxey; mother Naomi Hale
Mayweather, Albirdie - father Harry Mayweather; mother Lucy Cross
McCarthy, Mary - father Jeremiah McCarthy; mother Kate Magner
McCarty, - father Michael McCarty; mother Elizabeth Mackin
McClain, Minnie - father Sim McClain; mother Emma Bullett
McClaland, Gracie Bee - father Thomas McClaland; mother Addie Irland
McDaniel, Bertha E - father Ingersoll McDaniel; mother Nellie Coleman
McDowell, - father Fred M McDowell; mother Grace Tiensy
McFadden, James Charles - father Norah McFadden; mother Lulu Goodin
McGee, - father John McGee; mother Mary Spivey
McHaney, - father Samuel McHaney; mother Lula Budge
McIntire, - father James McIntire; mother Pollie Mathus
McKenzie, Roy - father Lenard McKenzie; mother Mum Bell
McKinney, George Wesley - father Thomas P McKinney; mother Susan F Riley
McLellan, Elizabeth Levis - father Fuller Mc Lellan; mother Eugenie
McManus, Elmora - father Bernard McManus; mother Carrie Redman
McMillen, Joseph Lawrence - father William Shelby McMillen; mother Cora May Smith
McMurtrie, Thomas H - father Andrew B McMurtrie; mother Sarah Holt
Micheals, - father Benjamin Micheals; mother Florence Weinstock
Michen, Emma Marie - father Ferdinand Michen; mother Mary Dick
Mikkin, Wilhelmina - father Ferdinand Mikkin; mother Anna Marie Dick
Milford, - father Eugene Milford; mother Irene Hutson
Miller, - father William Allen Miller; mother Lilly Sophronia Dillow
Miller, - father Ce Miller; mother Etta Short
Miller, - father Dennis Miller; mother Annie Tackett
Miller, Blanche - father Mosel Miller; mother Melissa Jane Smithey
Miller, Edward Eugene - father Jesse E Miller; mother Fluanna
Miller, Eugene Day - father William Charles Miller; mother Roena Free
Miller, George Walter - father Albert Miller; mother Maggie Bane
Miller, Jessie Marlin - father James A Miller; mother Josephine Reynolds
Miller, Murl Ula - father Seath Miller; mother Maggie Eula Dillow
Minter, Wanda - father Samuel Minter; mother Manie Aytes
Minton, Lona Eloise - father Ray Minton; mother Amy A Corzine
Minton, Loyd Erwin - father Ralph Minton; mother Della Erwin
Mockbee, Commodore Lewis - father Mc Mockbee; mother Nettie
Montgomery, - father John L Montgomery; mother Rosie E Taylor
Montgomery, Ruth - father John Lewis Montgomery; mother Nora Ella Taylor
Moody, Mary Violet - father Thomas B Moody; mother Lulu V McDaniel
Moore, - father Edward Moore; mother Mariah
Moore, - father Edward Moore; mother Doshia
More, - father Harrie More; mother Sadie
Moreland, Virginia Frances - father Hf Moreland; mother Edna Mayes
Morgan, George - father Frank P Morgan; mother Roda Catherine Boyenton
Morgan, George Willis N - father Franklin P Morgan; mother Rhoda C
Morgan, Helen - father George D Morgan; mother Meta Powell
Morris, - father Morris; mother Mary Jane Blackman
Morris, - father George Morris; mother Minnie McCleland
Morris, Charles - father Charles Morris; mother Mary Morris
Morris, Florence - father George Morris; mother Edith Whitcamph
Morris, Minard - father Charlie Morris; mother Mary Mayes
Morrison, Roosevelt - father Matt Morrison; mother Mattie Morris
Moss, Fairbanks - father Bert Moss; mother Fannie Gooden
Moss, Roosevelt - father Bert Moss; mother Fannie Gooden
Moss, Samuel Alfred - father Jessie Moss; mother Dora Poor
Motcham, Jack - father Israel Motcham; mother Bessie Reisman
Motchan, Jane - father Isael Motchan; mother Bessie Reisman
Mourey, - father Calvin Mourey; mother Bertha Maria King
Mowery, Harley Raymond - father Edward C Mowery; mother Mattie Bundschuh
Mulcahy, Margaret Minnie - father Hank Mulcahy; mother Minnie Foster
Mulcahy, Robert - father David Mulcahy; mother Minnie Bumgard
Mulcahy, Roy - father David Mulcahy; mother Minnie Bumgard
Mulcahy, Wade Jerry - father Edward Mulcahy; mother Julia Pecord
Mulkey, Charles Floyd - father Charles Cicero Mulkey; mother Ora Means
Mullinax, - father Henry Mullinax; mother Maude
Mullinax, John Frederick - father Henry Mullinax; mother Maud Quinlin
Murphy, Catherine Genevive - father Robert Oliver Murphy; mother Flora Virginia Randolph
Muscovalley, - father John Muscovalley; mother Nellie
Myers, Barney Frederick - father James M Myers; mother Orra Williams

Nailing, Harry - father James Garfield Nailing; mother Mary Elizabeth Hayes
Nailing, Lucy Amelia - father James Nailing; mother Mary Ellen Hayes
Nation, Glynne Wilton - father William Anderson Nation; mother Lidia Frances Adams
Neeley, - father Md Neeley; mother Katy
Neff, Hazel - father Jefferson Neff; mother Josephine Michamp
Nelson, - father John Nelson; mother Zenobie Cook
Nelson, Isaac - father John Nelson; mother Mintie Powless
Nelson, Robert - father Samuel Nelson; mother Dora Hedbert
Noal, - father Charley Green Noal; mother Rocdoskey Dalton
Norris, Hope Rebecca - father Thomas Norris; mother Mary A
Nottage, Dan A - father Nottage; mother not stated
Nottage, Irene - father Nottage; mother not stated
Nunn, Charles Vernon - father Alexander William Nunn; mother Katherine Lee O'Neill

O'Hara, William Howard - father William O'Hara; mother Ona Foster
Oller, Lester Eugene - father George Washington Oller; mother Lillie May Brown
Orange, Elmon - father James Orange; mother Della
Orr, Katherine - father Ralph H Orr; mother Eunice Hope Way
Orr, Walter Howard - father Ralph H Orr; mother Eunice Hope Way
Orrick, Katie - father Charles Orrick; mother Kate Helton
Ort, Gertrude Elizabeth - father George Charles Ort; mother Daisy Rude
Ort, John Abraham - father Charles George Frederick Ort; mother Daisy Rude
O'Shea, Mary Etta - father Thomas E O'Shea; mother Winifred Marnell
O'Shea, Sarah May - father John J O'Shea; mother Lottie Beaver
Ousley, Thelma - father Joe Ousley; mother Mary Boaz

Page, Ida Pearl - father Charles J Page; mother Maud M Montgomery
Palmer, Bessie E - father William Oscar Palmer; mother Susie Meltz
Pandergraft, Ethel - father George Washington Pandergraft; mother Zella McGowen
Parker, - father Jf Parker; mother Nancy Tacket
Parker, Esther - father Hoyt Parker; mother Helizabeth Handley
Parker, John Franklin - father Harley E Parker; mother May E Hargis
Parm, - father Hill Parm; mother Edna Hawkins
Parmer, Gertie - father Lee Parmer; mother Vee Lipe
Parrott, John - father John L Parrott; mother Laura Sutter
Paster, Benjamin - father James Paster; mother Lizzie Red
Patier, Mary Etta - father Earl Alonzo Patier; mother Nellie Keevil
Patton, Jennie - father James Lawrence Holmes; mother Willie Pearl Patton
Payne, William Melvin - father Alexander Payne; mother Allie Darling Dent
Pease, Alice Bridelia - father Warren Henry Pease; mother Gertrude Bell Kirkpatrick
Peecher, David Everadge - father Chiles Peecher; mother Addie Holland
Peeler, Bertha May - father Harrison Peeler; mother Dora Lackey
Pensinger, Edward Cornelius - father Edward Pensinger; mother Mary Alice O'Brien
Percell, Angeline M - father not stated; mother not stated
Perkins, Floid Lea R - father F Perkins; mother Ella Mara Clapp
Peterson, Earl - father John Peterson; mother Laura Pennell
Peterson, Henry Theodore - father John P Peterson; mother Anna Gustavson
Petit, Elizabeth Rose - father Clarence A Petit; mother Margaret Stapleton
Petitt, John Preston - father Harry Petitt; mother Flora Kelly
Petitt, Myrtle Amelia - father Hiram Petitt; mother Isabell Pratt
Petrus, John Bernard - father Richard Petrus; mother Maud Bell Castello
Phillip, John - father John Phillip; mother Lenora
Phillips, Floyd Vernon - father Thomas H Phillips; mother Lydia M Dollman
Pierce, - father Thomas Pierce; mother Maggie
Pierson, - father William Pierson; mother Virginia Burt
Plummer, William Albert - father William Albert Plummer; mother Ethel A Shorter
Poe, William - father Allen Poe; mother Ida Webster
Polk, Elinor Moore - father Frederick George H Polk; mother Harriett Sarah Moore
Polk, Mary Grace - father Frederic George Hewetsen Polk; mother Harriet Sarah Moore
Pollock, John - father John Pollock; mother May Weaver
Pollock, Julia - father John Pollock; mother Bell Hughes
Pool, Elmer Harlow - father Lewis Pool; mother Dora Mason
Pool, Gean - father John Pool; mother Sarah Melvina Reedy
Poole, - father Michael Poole; mother Irene Francis
Poole, Dennis - father James Henry Poole; mother Jane Elizabeth Mize
Poole, Ellen - father John Poole; mother Vinna Ready
Porter, Essie - father Marshall Edgar Porter; mother Essie Barton
Porter, Myrtle - father Edgar Porter; mother Essie Barton
Porter, Robert - father Lonie Porter; mother Lucy Whiteakher
Porter, William - father William Porter; mother Susan Mitchell
Potter, Arthur Dupree - father Stephen Potter; mother Pearl Dupree
Powers, - father Sidney Powers; mother Frances Barnel
Powers, Edward Martin - father Edward Andrew Powers; mother Annie Estelle Boyle
Pratt, - father Thomas Pratt; mother Minnie Fowlis
Price, - father Tom Price; mother Luella
Prine, John William - father Amzi Elleazer Prine; mother Georgia Ester Woods
Profilet, Curtis Eisenberg - father L Emile Profilet; mother Emma Eisenberg
Pryor, Millard Nandly - father T J Pryor; mother Esther H
Pryor, Thomas Marion - father Thomas J Pryor; mother Esther Handley
Pryor, Thomas Marion - father T J Pryor; mother Esther H

Ralls, - father Martin V Ralls; mother Emma Antha George
Ralls, Robert Charles - father William Edward Ralls; mother Josephine Cordelia Billings
Rambo, Reymond Roy - father Royal S Rambo; mother Martha Hendricks
Randles, - father Joe Randles; mother Rena Hendricks
Rankin, Charles E - father Charles Rankin; mother Sallie Belle Mathews
Rankin, Lemuell Fields - father Charles R Rankin; mother Sallie Belle Mathews
Read, Robert Rector - father Robert Enoch Read; mother Susan Johana Rector
Read, Romole - father not stated; mother not stated
Redaloud, Naretta - father Jh Redaloud; mother Eunice Peeler
Rees, Frederick William - father Ernest Rees; mother Louella W Wallace
Reeves, Fredrick - father Henry Reeves; mother Dolly Underwood
Reeves, James William - father Henry Reeves; mother Lile Tilman
Rendleman, Adelaide Elizabeth - father Jj Rendleman; mother Viola V Cundiff
Reynolds, Verta Irene - father Walter Reynolds; mother Pearl Goodwin
Rhode, Sarah Adeline - father Henry Lewis Rhode; mother Lula Jane Roust
Rice, Honice - father John Rice; mother Lurenia Adams
Richards, John - father Charles I Richards; mother Mable Brown
Richerson, O B - father Joe Richerson; mother Pearlie Battle
Riddle, - father George Lewis Riddle; mother Elizabeth G Curry
Riggle, Herbert - father Ernest Homer Riggle; mother Etta May
Riggle, Homer - father Ernest Homer Riggle; mother Etta May
Riggs, - father Charles H Riggs; mother Nellie Strottner
Riley, Mattie Belle - father Robert B Riley; mother Belle Pathberg
Riston, William Warren - father Frank Riston; mother Mary Jane Cumins
Ritchie, - father Curtis Ritchie; mother Mary Zimmerman
Ritchie, Frank William - father Curtis S Ritchie; mother Mary Zimmerman
Roberson, - father Daniel Roberson; mother Jessie Jenkens
Roberson, Eva Mary - father William Roberson; mother Verdilla Todd
Roberson, Felin - father Fb Robinson; mother Sarah
Roberson, Ollie - father Sam Roberson; mother Birdie Campbell
Roberts, Anna Augustine - father Milton C Roberts; mother Nellie Ragsdale
Roberts, Jesse H - father Daniel L Roberts; mother Margaret F Fritch
Robinson, - father Ulysis Grant Robinson; mother Rosa Hannah Benson
Robinson, Jessie - father William Webster Robinson; mother Etta Meisenheimer
Robinson, Lela Lurena - father Charles Robinson; mother Jennie Hiller
Rodgers, Edna Marie - father Jefferson Rodgers; mother Emma Elizabeth Lindsey
Roeper, Charles - father Charles Roeper; mother Margaret Christina Buchananny
Roeper, Mary Louise - father Charley Roeper; mother Katherine Rice
Rolling, Katie Elizabeth C - father John Rolling; mother Susie Anetta Brown
Rolwing, Edward Merlin - father Henry S Rolwing; mother Beatrice Marchildon
Rose, Christian - father Christian Rose; mother Della
Rose, Eddie - father not stated; mother Nettie Rose
Rose, John Henry - father John Rose; mother Allie Macher
Ross, - father Aj Ross; mother Ross
Rowand, Carol Ellen - father William Donald Rowand; mother Juliet Ruth McKenzie
Rude, Ruth - father Isaac Newton Rude; mother Ester Hood
Russell, - father George Russell; mother Flora Lackey
Russell, Catherine A - father Henry Russell; mother Mary Alice Purcell
Russell, Curtis Lee - father Lafayette Gillian Russell; mother Jessie Gordon
Rutledge, - father James L Rutledge; mother Katy
Ryal, E W - father Eustace Ryal; mother Georgia Wyatt
Ryal, Paul Lane - father John Ryal; mother Effie Lane
Ryan, Frank Ferguson - father Wp Ryan; mother Ellen Doud
Rymer, Elmer - father John Rymer; mother Kate Sichling

Saliba, Adivor - father Moses George Saliba; mother Nasheby John
Sammons, John Anderson - father John Anderson Sammons; mother Ida I Hargan
Sams, Margaret Lucile - father Clarence E Sams; mother Cora Ann Clutts
Sanders, - father Wesley Sanders; mother Silva Fantroy
Sanders, Harvey - father James Harvey Sanders; mother Sarah Jane Stinett
Sanders, May - father Church Sanders; mother May Stromy
Schaeffer, Minnie Munette - father Martin T Schaeffer; mother Clara Bell Haynes
Scott, - father Samuel Scott; mother Eva Fulton
Scott, Olga - father Callum Scott; mother Gertrude Pollock
Scott, Ruth Myra - father Aaron Nathaniel Scott; mother Pocahontas Dunlap
Sebille, Raymond Clifford - father Charles Sebille; mother Alma Westphalen
Seigler, Libby - father George Seigler; mother Jennie Taylor
Sellars, Hazel - father Tom Sellars; mother Stella Murry
Sells, Helen - father Edward Sells; mother Carrie Kendrick
Sexter, - father George Sexter; mother Ida
Sexton, - father Da Sexton; mother Rebecca Elders
Shaffer, Clifford Olive - father Sandy Shaffer; mother Frances Jane Jordan
Shane, - father Joe Shane; mother Emma
Sharff, Tucele - father John H Sharff; mother Tucelia Dodd
Sharp, - father Coxey Napoleon Sharp; mother Malinda Thompson
Sharp, John Calvin - father Coxey Napoleon Sharp; mother Malinda Thompson
Shaw, Charles Joseph - father George Shaw; mother Anna Greaney
Shelby, Willie - father Eddie Shelby; mother Emma
Shepard, Calvin - father Lon Shepard; mother Annie Edditon
Shepherd, Carl Alonzo - father Lon Shepherd; mother Annie Atherton
Shepherd, Lottie - father S L Shepherd; mother Anna
Sheppard, Ruby May - father John Sheppard; mother Alice May
Shires, Hazel - father John Shires; mother Myra Smith
Shoats, - father Frank Shoats; mother Mary
Shoemaker, William Cooper - father Samuel W Shoemaker; mother Annie W
Shook, - father Richard Yates Shook; mother Me Smalling
Shore, - father Wa Shore; mother Emma Mowery
Shultz, Joseph Edward - father Grant Shultz; mother Ella Hogan
Sichling, Ida Irvin - father John Sichling; mother Maude Hulen
Sides, Phyllip Strong - father Mathew Alexander Sides; mother Mary R Smalling
Siegelman, Joseph Hart - father Jacob Charles Siegelman; mother Mattie Allyn Sayers
Silvers, - father Nathaniel Silvers; mother L Silvers
Simes, Roy Herbert - father William Franklin Simes; mother Daisy Kerr
Simmons, - father Thomas J Simmons; mother Emily P Koonee
Simpkins, - father Philip Simpkins; mother Gertrude Worthington
Simpkins, - father Edward Simpkins; mother Grace Kendall
Sims, Floyd Theodore - father Frank Sims; mother Mary Wiley
Sims, Gerty - father Tb Sims; mother Martha A Martin
Sims, John Alvin - father John Y Sims; mother Amanda Brookhouse
Sims, Rosa - father Will Sims; mother Etta Gannon
Sims, Theo Melton - father John F Sims; mother Lilly Dale
Sinks, Thomas Edmond - father Thomas Sinks; mother Fannie Purnell
Sitton, - father Elijah Sitton; mother Mary R Brown
Sitton, Bonnie Ellen - father Thomas Edward Sitton; mother Clara May Lee
Sitton, Eva Jennie - father Elijah Sitton; mother Mary R Brown
Sitton, Ruby Gladys - father John D Sitton; mother Della Gammon
Skamnes, John - father John Skamnes; mother Nellie Loomis
Skiles, Edna - father George Skiles; mother Bertha Clenton
Skyles, Ada Belle - father George Skyles; mother Bertha Clanton
Small, - father Ottis Small; mother Mariah Antha
Smalling, Clarence - father Lewis I Smalling; mother Ida Myrtle Phelps
Smalling, Eugenia - father Louis L Smalling; mother Ida M Phelps
Smart, Arthur - father Henry Smart; mother Lula Burnett
Smelley, Reuben Brooking - father not stated; mother not stated
Smith, - father James Smith; mother Marth L McElvoy
Smith, - father George Smith; mother Pearl Jackson
Smith, - father William Smith; mother Mary
Smith, - father James Smith; mother Flora
Smith, - father James Smith; mother Lucy Spicer
Smith, Catherine - father Egbert Alfred Smith; mother Phylis Howard
Smith, Clarence - father Clarence Smith; mother Florence
Smith, Cordelia - father not stated; mother not stated
Smith, Daisy - father H Eugene Smith; mother Mrs H Eugene Smith
Smith, Evanna - father Wmg Smith; mother Minda Ann Lesley
Smith, Ford - father Ocar E Smith; mother Bessie
Smith, Helen Hewitt - father Elmer Smith; mother Grace E Hewitt
Smith, Helen Hewitt - father Elmer Smith; mother Grace
Smith, James - father J Smith; mother Flora Flenoy
Smith, Pearl Gladys - father Campbell Russell Smith; mother Emeline Rains
Smith, Savanah - father Frank Smith; mother Mattie Skinner
Smith, Vernie - father not stated; mother Bertha Smith
Smithey, Bernard - father Wesley Smithey; mother Hannah Lipe
Smithey, William Howard - father John Henry Smithey; mother Ida Louiza Dillow
Smithy, Alberta Blanche - father John Henry Smithy; mother Ida Louisa Dillow
Snelling, Lela - father Sam Snelling; mother Ella
Solomon, Charles - father William Solomon; mother Mattie Grantham
Solomon, Julius - father James Solomon; mother Bessie Ginsberg
Sowder, - father Emerson Sowder; mother Elizabeth
Sowder, - father John Edward Sowder; mother Ella Whit
Sowders, Alma Lucretia - father John Etox Sowders; mother Ella Rovester Whitt
Spaulding, Henry - father Clarence C Spaulding; mother Margie Bugles
Speed, Lillian - father Jessie Speed; mother Katie Walker
Spence, Hugh Alva - father William Spence; mother Anna Baader
Spence, Wilhelmina - father William Spence; mother Anna Brader
Spencer, Alice - father William Spencer; mother Stella Perkins
Spencer, Nellie Bradford - father Thomas Bradford Spencer; mother Minnie Jane Huff
Starzinger, Erica Nell - father Erich M Starzinger; mother Lyda Trigg
Starzinger, Erica Nell - father Erich M Starzinger; mother Lyda T
Staten, - father George Staten; mother Sarah Benett
Staton, Joyce - father George Staton; mother Sarah Bennett
Steinhouse, Charles Emanuel - father Edward Christian Steinhouse; mother Mary P Lehigh
Stephan, Laura Josephine - father Jacob Stephan; mother Martha Martin
Stephens, Eloise - father Jm Stephens; mother Mary Wilson
Stephenson, Ethel Belle - father Lewis Stephenson; mother Myrtle Short
Stephson, Loid - father Umphrey Elexander Stephson; mother Alice West
Stinison, - father Harry Stinison; mother Etta Renner
Stites, - father James M Stites; mother Emma J Clifford
Stites, Grace Isabelle - father Harry Stites; mother Josephine Viola Magruder
Stokes, Mary Jose - father Gilbert Stokes; mother Lenna Turpin
Stophlet, Ruth Henrietta - father Frank W Stophlet; mother Mabel Howley
Stotty, George Ann - father James Stotty; mother Minnie Washington
Stout, Jeannette Marie - father John Alexander Stout; mother Julia Ann Anderson
Stout, Raymond Elison - father John Alexander Stout; mother Julia Ann Anderson
Stout, William - father Low Stout; mother Mary Daly
Strantz, Albert - father Frederick W Strantz; mother Katie Cooper
Straub, Carrie May - father Frank Straub; mother Sarah Ann Twente
Strong, Florence Ethel - father not stated; mother not stated
Stroud, Herman - father Leonard Stroud; mother Lucie Wilson
Studdard, Zola May - father Samuel H Studdard; mother Clara Elizabeth Queen
Sullivan, Eugene - father Eugene Sullivan; mother Ellen Fitzgerald
Susanka, Madeline Regena - father William Susanka; mother Emma M Costel
Sutton, Hazel - father James Sutton; mother Susie Walker
Sutton, Mary Louise - father George F Sutton; mother Iola M Jones

Talley, Hager Hilo - father William A Talley; mother Virginia Robinson
Tandy, George - father George Tandy; mother Manda Clark
Tanksley, Blanche Malissa - father Gw Tanksley; mother Stella Etta Tompson
Tanksly, Columbus H - father Columbus M Tanksly; mother Susa Ellin Thompson
Tatum, Will Lee Roy - father William Tatum; mother Huldy Hazlewood
Taylor, - father Bennett Cavitt Taylor; mother Daisy Adelia King
Taylor, Cecil Ora - father John W Taylor; mother Eliza E Hethmon
Taylor, Ernest - father Ernest Taylor; mother Birdie Washington
Taylor, Howard - father Solomon Taylor; mother Blanche Dunlap
Teele, - father Robert Teele; mother Ida Spriggs
Teems, Mable - father Jake Teems; mother Maggie Martin
Temple, Elva - father not stated; mother not stated
Terrell, Clinton C - father Clinton C Terrell; mother Bell Howlett
Thistlewood, Anna May - father John Thistlewood; mother Georgia Pell
Thistlewood, Arthur - father Arthur Thistlewood; mother Corena H Morehead
Thomas, - father Henry Thomas; mother not stated
Thomas, - father John Thomas; mother Cora Randall
Thomas, - father Priest Thomas; mother Susan Mary Carmody
Thomas, Claud - father John Thomas; mother Florence Hill
Thomas, Leethelba - father Eugene Thomas; mother Julia Brown
Thomas, Mary - father Priest Thomas; mother Mary Carmody
Thomas, Miller - father Miller Thomas; mother Bettie Loarry
Thomas, Ora Lee - father William Thomas; mother Alice McGraw
Thomas, Robert - father James Thomas; mother Mary Fullerton
Thomason, Ruskin Lee - father James S Thomason; mother Nora W Shorb
Thompson, Arthur - father Ma Thompson; mother Beca Sarles
Thompson, Claudy May - father John Thompson; mother Malindy Jane Hill
Thompson, Frederick Howard - father Fred Thompson; mother Maud Dunlap
Thompson, Lowrena - father Silvester Thompson; mother Arasona Durham
Thompson, Vastin - father Levi Thompson; mother Mary Nash
Thorbs, - father Edward Thorbs; mother Frankie Love
Tidwell, - father George W Tidwell; mother Flora Hood
Tidwell, Chloe - father George W Tidwell; mother Flora Hood
Tinsley, Mary Gladys - father John M Tinsley; mother Icy T Thompson
Tinsley, Maude M - father James H Tinsley; mother Janie Brown
Tippitt, John Lee - father J W Tippitt; mother E J
Tippitt, William Henry - father John W Tippitt; mother Elizabeth J
Tolbert, - father Thomas Tolbert; mother Anna L Shaw
Tolbert, Minnie Myrtle - father James Weslew Tolbert; mother Rosa Lonhard
Tolbert, Myrtle - father James Wesley Tolbert; mother Rosa Lenhart
Torrey, Fae Frances - father Frank Force Torrey; mother Rose F Fahr
Tupper, - father Chauncy J Tupper; mother Maude E Pence
Turner, Anderson - father Charles Turner; mother Dianna Anderson
Turner, Samuel Clandys - father Henry Turner; mother Plecie Jane Girth
Tursher, Noble J - father Noble A Tursher; mother Sarah M Dowdy
Twente, - father Ad Twente; mother Twente
Twente, Freddie Hamilton - father Arvine Twente; mother Eva Westerman
Tyler, Irene Pearl - father John Tyler; mother Mamie G Green
Tyler, John W - father John W Tyler; mother Mamie Green

Utley, Dorothy - father Benjamin Franklin Utley; mother Sarah Catherine Bean
Utley, Marjorie - father Benjamin Franklin Utley; mother Sarah Catherine Bean

Vache, - father A Vache; mother Lucinda Maxwell
Vail, Fannie H - father Henry Vail; mother Amanda McLain
Vaughn, - father William Vaughn; mother Anna Couble
Vaughns, Frank - father Frank Vaughns; mother Ada
Verbeck, Martha Marie - father Harry Verbeck; mother Estelle Stump
Vick, - father Louis H Vick; mother Sefrona J Holshouser
Vick, Fay Ellen - father Johua Cephas Vick; mother Fannie Ellen Avett
Vick, Lola Florence - father Jc Vick; mother Lucinda Catherine Eagan
Vick, Oris Paul - father Clede Vick; mother Maggie White
Vick, Reba Lodeamer - father Harley E Vick; mother Maude Alberta Cummins

Wadde, - father George Wadde; mother Maggie Niles
Wade, David - father John Wade; mother Mary
Wade, James R - father John Wade; mother Mary Morse
Wadkin, Ella Birta M - father Gp Wadkin; mother Dakota Cruse
Waggoner, - father Sam Waggoner; mother Ophelia Brudsly
Walder, Michael - father Michael Walder; mother Nora Curry
Waldschmidt, Gertrude - father George Waldschmidt; mother Gertrude Howard
Walker, Gail Frances - father George B Walker; mother Julia I Kemper
Walker, Marietta - father Georg Walker; mother Jennie Blanks
Wallace, - father Newton Wallace; mother Mary Ann
Wallace, - father not stated; mother Ida Wallace
Warfield, Nathen - father Milton Warfield; mother Sarah Johnson
Warnaka, Emma Ann - father Barna John Warnaka; mother Sarah Jane Craig
Warnaka, Fred Royal - father John William Warnaka; mother Cora E Morgan
Warner, Doris Alma - father Ronald Warner; mother P Dora
Warner, Esperance May - father Ronald Warner; mother Dora
Warner, Jefferson Howard - father Jefferson B Warner; mother Clara
Washum, Emmett C - father Seth Washum; mother Jessie Samuel
Washum, Theodore - father John Seth Washum; mother Jessie Lee Samuel
Waters, - father Milton Waters; mother Dora Miller
Waters, - father Milton Waters; mother Dora Miller
Waters, Hazel - father George Waters; mother Mary Hibbs
Watkins, John Ralph - father John Theodore Watkins; mother Josie Hannah Coleman
Watkins, Mona - father Thomas Carl Watkins; mother Ailey Maud Dorris
Watson, - father Allin Watson; mother Minnie
Watson, Albert James - father John Watson; mother Ida Grear
Watson, Amanda - father John Watson; mother Ida Grear
Watson, Marian Alma - father John Herbert Watson; mother Grace Mabel Beicourt
Watson, Murel Smedley - father James Allen Watson; mother Mary Beulah Farmer
Weaver, Boyd - father not stated; mother Ruth Weaver
Weber, Thelma Verna - father Julius Weber; mother Barbara Robo
Webster, John J - father Theodore O Webster; mother Jennie V Hodges
Wehling, Irene Louise - father John Wehling; mother Emma Saltzner
Weidner, William - father William Weidner; mother Mollie Micken
Welty, Ignitius Frances - father In Welty; mother Mary Sims
Wenn, John - father En Wenn; mother Julia Jones
West, Leonard - father George West; mother Viola Jordan
West, Loye Elvis - father Jw West; mother Frances A Tompson
Westbrook, - father John Westbrook; mother Fannie White
Weston, - father Charles H Weston; mother Lulu M Lewis
Wheeler, Clifford Walton - father Claudas Luther Wheeler; mother Lucy May Hatfield
Wheeler, Elizabeth - father Charles W Wheeler; mother Frances Agnes Glynn
Whitaker, James H - father James H Whitaker; mother Nellie Sharp
Whitaker, Milford S - father Thomas Milford Whitaker; mother Annie J Lentz
White, - father Robert Lee White; mother Augusta Stackert
White, George Robert - father Robert Lee White; mother Augusta Stackert
White, Juanita - father Tom White; mother Bertha Evans
Whiteaker, Thomas H - father Thomas Whiteaker; mother Emma Hight
Whitfield, Edwards - father Whitfield Edwards; mother Anna Jackson
Wiggins, Mildred Ernestine - father Ernie Wiggins; mother Ethel Annibel
Wilkins, Ruth - father William Henry Wilkins; mother Eliza Patton
Williams, - father Peter Williams; mother Annie
Williams, - father Theodore H Williams; mother Sarah A
Williams, - father Walter Solomon Williams; mother Lulu Grace
Williams, - father Philip S Williams; mother Mary Thomas
Williams, Emmet - father not stated; mother Lovie Williams
Williams, Ines - father Foster Williams; mother Elizabeth May
Williams, Jimmie Lee - father James Williams; mother Sarah Nelson
Williams, Katherine Aneita - father William Edger Williams; mother Lillie Etta Dennis
Williams, Timothy - father Timothy Williams; mother Maggie Cahill
Williamson, - father James Williamson; mother Jessie
Williamson, Earl A - father Oscar Colby Williamson; mother Lula Kelly
Williamson, Gladys Mamie - father John Anderson Williamson; mother Bertha Lee Stout
Williamson, Patrick Dunward - father Elijah Harrison Williamson; mother Myrtle Estella Coward
Willie, Edwards - father not stated; mother Callie Edwards
Willis, - father Malon Willis; mother Nora
Willis, Claude A - father Malon Willis; mother Luella Helms
Willis, Lora Ellen - father James H Willis; mother Malissie A Wilson
Wilson, - father John Wilson; mother Anna McKinney
Wilson, - father Charley Wilson; mother Nellie Gearing
Wilson, Arthur Franklin - father Joseph Wilson; mother Amanda Fox
Wilson, Charles Bayless - father Charlie Wilson; mother Tenie Piermon
Wilson, Edith - father Jh Wilson; mother Lilly Miller
Wilson, Georgie - father Lw Wilson; mother Azonia Harvel
Wilson, William Franklin - father Wh Wilson; mother Mattie McCrite
Wimmer, Samm - father Samm Wimmer; mother Rosie Davis
Windham, Mary June - father Millard L Windham; mother Mary Ida Keeney
Winfrey, Floyd Tillman - father John Winfrey; mother Susie Williams
Wingo, Kermit Herbert - father David Wingo; mother Susan Allen Bryant
Wolff, - father James Wolff; mother Ella
Wood, - father William Hosmer Wood; mother Clara Lena Kessler
Wood, Abigale Hosmer - father William Hosmer Wood; mother Clara Lena Kessler
Wood, Emily Witherspoon - father Walter H Wood; mother Vesta Halliday
Woodard, Bertha A - father Jesse W Woodard; mother Hattie Morgan
Woodney, Archie - father Hn Woodney; mother Ida Mason
Woods, William Killgore - father William Woods; mother Amanda Hayes
Workman, Vida Belle - father John F Workman; mother Ida Penrod
Wright, - father Thomas Taylor Wright; mother Jennie Fisher
Wright, Alice - father Judge Wright; mother Ida Brown

Yates, Florence - father not stated; mother Zoebell Yates
Yates, Spyrus Nathan - father Asa Yates; mother Addie Foster
Young, - father William Young; mother Sally Brown
Young, - father William Young; mother Sally Brown
Young, - father Oscar Young; mother Lona Haynes
Young, Clifford William - father James Young; mother Miranda Holmes
Young, John B - father John Young; mother Lena E Porter
Young, Rachel - father Vard Young; mother Jennie Vick

Zanone, Walter - father Louis Zanone; mother Cora Bayle
Zook, Harold Duncan - father Charles Zook; mother Minnie Duncan
Zurfass, Albert L - father Henry Zurfass; mother Matilda Koch

Compiled 2021 Aug 17 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch's Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940 collection. More information about each of the births (or christenings) are available at

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