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Biography - Judson E. Strong

JUDSON EUGENE STRONG, M. D. One of the leading members of the medical profession in Southern Illinois is Judson Eugene Strong, of Cairo, who for nearly thirty years has been engaged in practice in this city, and who is widely known among medical men of this section. He was born at Cleveland, Ohio, November 27, 1854, and is a son of Asaph C. and Harriet M. (Pelton) Strong. The great-grandfather of Dr. Strong, one Judge Strong, moved from Connecticut to Ohio in 1812, acquired a large body of land about the city of Willoughby, and became a prominent character of this locality. His son, Thomas J., was born in 1803, passed his life on the Strong estate as a farmer and died in 1876, at Wycliffe, Ohio. Asaph C. Strong was born at Willoughby, Ohio, in 1826, and was reared on the old homestead place. As a young man he moved to Cleveland, where for a number of years he was employed as a postal clerk on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway, his service ending at the time of the Ashtabula disaster of 1876. He then engaged in other pursuits, farming occupying much of his time until his death in 1884. Mr. Strong married (first) Harriet M. Pelton, who was born February 11, 1828, and died July 18, 1861, and they had two sons: Edgar C. and Judson Eugene. For his second wife Asaph C. Strong married Lucy B. House, and a daughter, Harriet L., was the only child of their union.

Judson Eugene Strong graduated from the high school in Cleveland in 1873, attended Western Reserve College, at Hudson, Ohio, for a time, and then took up the study of medicine, graduating from the Homeopathic Hospital College in 1880. He began his professional career in Clinton, Michigan, subsequently located in Hillsdale, that state, and from there came to Cairo within a few months, where he has continued in practice with steadily increasing success. Dr. Strong was married (first) at Hudson, Michigan, June 17, 1879, to Miss Emma Elnora Fauver, who died March 13, 1882, and left two daughters: Maybell, of Chicago; and Mrs. Florence Bayley, also of that city. Mrs. Bayley has twin sons: Stanley and Safford. On March 9, 1887, Dr. Strong was married at Olney, Illinois, to Miss Julia Ellen Nail, daughter of the Rev. Richard John and Harriet (Logan) Nail, and four children have been born to this union, namely: Judson Eugene, Jr., an electrical engineer in the employ of the Chicago Edison Company, born April 6, 1888; Harriet Alice, born November 26, 1889; Margaret Logan, born November 28, 1892; and Julia Allen, born June 14, 1898.

Rev. Richard John Nail was a Methodist minister, and was born in Chatham county, North Carolina, in 1816, received a collegiate education, and after spending many years in the ministry of his church died at Lawrenceville, Illinois, in 1863. His grandfather was an Englishman who established his first American home in Virginia, and later removed to Chatham county, North Carolina, where Rev. Nail's father was born in 1780. The old English founder of the family identified himself with the cause of American independence, and was commissioned a major in the Colonial army during the Revolutionary war, meeting his death in the battle of Guilford Court House. His wife was a Miss Glass, and seven sons and two daughters were born to them. The father of Rev. Richard J. Nail was the youngest child, and was first married to Mary Thompson, a lady of English descent. After his marriage he moved out to White county, Illinois, and there Richard J. and the three other children grew up. Rev. Richard Nail was married (third) to Mrs. Harriet (Logan) Hill. By her marriage to Thomas B. Hill Mrs. Nail had four children: J. Edgar, who resides in Wisconsin; Randall, who was among the slain in the battle of Chickamauga; Mary, who died at Olney, Illinois; and Thomas who died in infancy. Rev. Nail by his third marriage had two children: Harriet Alice and Julia Ellen, the latter of whom married Dr. Strong. The Logan family were from Dublin, Ireland. James Logan was a brother of Dr. John Logan, the father of General John A. Logan, a famous figure in the Civil war. James Logan was the father of four children: John and James, both physicians, the former of whom spent his life in Carlinville, Illinois, and the latter in Missouri; and Elizabeth and Harriet, who both became wives of Rev. Richard J. Nail.

Extracted 15 Jan 2018 by Norma Hass from 1912 History of Southern Illinois, Volume 2, pages 828-829.

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