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Biography - Caroline McClure

MRS. CAROLINE V. McCLURE, farmer, P. O. Clear Creek Landing. Our subject was a daughter of A. H. and Susan Overbay, and was born in Mecklenburg County, Va., July 29, 1833. Her parents came to this county when she was about eight years of age, and settled at Cairo, where the father carried on a general store. Here she received the rudiments of her education, going until she was sixteen years of age. Thomas J. McClure was born in Boonville, Mo., September 8, 1823, a son of James McClure, a farmer and stock raiser of that county. In his youth, he attended school some, but left his father when about sixteen to start for himself, and went to New Orleans, where he remained about two years, as wharf clerk. He then came to this county, and worked first for Matthew McClure, his uncle. After working there for about three years he started for himself, and rented a farm of twenty acres, and there "bached it" for about two years. Improving his circumstances slightly, he wedded Miss Polly Phillips in the spring of 1847. This lady was the mother of two children, both of whom are dead; the eldest, Mary, was born October 24, 1851, and was the wife of Mr. C. L. Otrich, of Anna. She died March 11, 1880. Mr. McClure was married the second time, to our subject, February 24, 1853. The farm then contained about 300 acres, and the homestead was about seven miles from the present location, to which they removed in June, 1853. That farm originally contained 120 acres, which has since been increased to 1,700 acres, most of which lies in Sections 10, 14 and 15, Town 14, Range 3 west. There are at present about 1,100 acres under cultivation. Mrs. McClure is the mother six of children — Logan, born September 27, 1854, died November 19, 1854; Virginia, born February 23, 1856, wife of A. J. Findley, of Clear Creek; Henry C., born April 28, 1858, and drowned in Clear Creek, August 30, 1879; Caroline, born October 18, 1861; James T., born November 8, 1864, and Claude, born February 5, 1871.

In 1854, Mr. McClure went to Thebes, where he devoted his attention to the mercantile business in connection with Mr. A. H. Overbey. He remained there about twelve years, and then returned to his farm at Thebes. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He died Wednesday, August 23, 1882, and was buried in the cemetery near his home. Since her husband's death, Mrs. McClure has carried on the farm, assisted by her son, James T.

Extracted 29 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, page 244.

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