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Biography - Henry Candee

HENRY HINSDALE CANDEE, Cairo, was born at Harwinton, Litchfield Co., Conn , on the 6th day of December, A. D. 1833. At the age of three years, his parents moved to Illinois and settled in the old town of Kaskaskia, where they resided till December, 1844, when, having been rendered homeless by the unprecedented floods of that year, they removed to Cairo, Ill. At that date, the facilities for obtaining an education in Cairo were very meager. Mr. Candee's parents being anxious that their boy should receive an education, sent him, at an early age, to Jubilee College, a promising institution then just established by Bishop Chase at Robin's Nest, Peoria Co., Ill.; but. before finishing his education, young Mr. Candee was called home by the death of his father, and was compelled to seek employment and assist his mother in the support of herself and three children. He engaged in various occupations, learning telegraphy, etc., till finally, by the assistance of friends, he was enabled to purchase a grocery stock. He continued in this business till the outbreaking of the rebellion, when he entered the United States Navy, first as a Clerk in one of the departments at Cairo, and later receiving an appointment as Assistant Paymaster. He served on the United States Receiving Ships "Maria Denning" and “Clara Dolsen" stationed at Cairo, and in the office of the Fleet Paymaster. At the close of the war, he accepted a position in the City National Bank of Cairo, and was appointed Assistant Cashier. He remained in the bank about a year and a half, when he left that institution to engage in his present business, that of insurance. Mr. Candee ranks among the oldest residents of the city of Cairo. He was its first City Treasurer, and has held other offices at the hands of its people. He is now a Notary Public and United States Commissioner, and holds other responsible positions, being the President of the Enterprise Savings Bank and a Director of the City National Bank. In religion, Mr. Candee is an Episcopalian, and is a zealous member of the church. He is held in high esteem in the councils of his church; among other positions, he is the Treasurer of the Endowment Fund and the Secretary of the Province of Illinois — the first Province established by the American Church. On the 20th of February. 1868, Mr. Candee married Miss Isabella Shepard Laning, daughter of Capt. James Laning (late of the United States Navy), at La Salle. Ill. One son — Henry Safford Candee — has been the fruit of this marriage.

Extracted 31 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V, pages 56E-56F.

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