Alexander County

Black Hawk War

Capt. Henry L. Webb's Company of Mounted Volunteers, called into the service of the United States by order of the Governor of the State, by his order of the 15th of May, 1832, until 3d of August, 1832, when mustered out of service by order of Major-General Scott, commanding Northwestern Army.


Henry L. Webb

First Lieutenant.

Richard H. Price - Rifle lost swimming Rock River after Indians

Second Lieutenants.

David H. Moore - Promoted Qu'rmaster Spy Pat. 3d Br. June 16
James D. Morris - Elected2d Lt. June 16, when comm'n'd Corp. from the 19th of May, '32, until promoted


Owen Willis, 1st
Quinton Ellis, 2d
Aaron Atherton, Jr., 3rd
Sam. Ath'ton Neal, 4th


Merritt Howell
Aaron Anglin
William Dickey
Giles Whitaker


Angin, William
Anglin, James
Hunch, Cader
Burks, Hardin
Brown, Berry
Brooks, Benj
Caines, John
Cannon, Tillman
Dexter, Jeremiah
Daniels, Solomon
Eckols, Benjamin
Harrison, Henry H.
Harvill, Loudy
Hargis, Resin
Hughs, Franklin
Hurgis, Turner
Jeffers, John E. - Absent with leave
Johnson, Henry K.
Keneda, Thomas
Keneda, Alexander
Lackey, Alfred
Lynch, Cyrus S. - Rifle lost swimming Rock River after Indians
McCool, George
McCool, Benjamin
Meshow, William
McCloud, Roderick
Murphy, John
Neale, George C.
Post, Marcus
Phillips, James
Rice, Samuel F.
Powell, Wm. S.
Powell, Alanson - Prom. Q. M. Sergt. Spy Bat. 3d Brig. June 16
Russell, Robert
Smith, Enoch
Taylor, James M.
Thompson, Nathan M.
Townsend, James W.
Townsend, John
White, Samuel

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