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Biography - Jacob Martin

JACOB MARTIN, book-keeper, Cairo, Ill., was born in Londonderry, Ireland, April 21, 1836. His father, Hugh Martin, was born in Ireland March 30, 1801, where he died September 11, 1837. His mother, Hannah Livingston, was also of Irish birth, dating from the 4th of May, 1803. She and family came to the United States in 1841, and located at Cincinnati, Ohio, where, on the 13th of May, 1878, the mother died. Jacob was educated in the city of Cincinnati, and acquired proficiency in the science of book-keeping, and in early manhood came to Mound City, Ill., as bookkeeper and secretary for the Mound City Emporium Company. For the past eighteen years, he was been in the employ of the Halliday Bros., in the capacity of book-keeper and financial secretary. He was married, October 4, 1863, to Miss Amarala Arter, daughter of Daniel Arter, whose portrait will be found elsewhere. The record of Mr. Martin's family is as follows: Amarala (Arter) Martin, born May 2, 1837; Edith L., born October 20, 1864; Laura I., born November 25, 1871, died October 25, 1873; Jacob P., born March 22, 1877, and died June 24, same year; and Jessie V. Martin, who was born on February 7, 1879, and died April 16, 1881.

Extracted 31 Mar 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 History of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski Counties, Illinois, Part V, page 31.

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